Free Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD with every Jackson Kayak kids boat

Free Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD

As a thank you to Jackson Kayak for their help with Jez’s latest film, we are pleased to announce that with every kids sized Jackson Kayak sold you will get a free copy of Kayaking 4 Kidz, the latest instructional kayaking DVD which helps give kids the knowledge and skills to get on the water. That includes Fun 1, Fun 1.5, Shooting Star and Side Kick.¬†Jackson Kayak has supported kayaking for kids since its inception, it was the first manufacturer to create whitewater kayaks specifically designed for kids and really are committed to introducing a new generation to this dynamic sport. Now Skippy Films and Jackson Kayak have teamed up so that when kids grab a new kayak, they will also get this free DVD giving kids the right information allowing them get out there and go paddling.

Kids sized boats are being shipped from the JK factory now with ‘Kayaking 4 Kidz’ DVD included free. You can also get ‘Kayaking 4 Kidz’ DVD here

by Skippy Films

Kayaking 4 Kidz is an instructional video made especially for kids who are starting out in kayaking. With World Cup Champion Jez, you will be shown step by step everything you need to know before you get on the water.

This instructional video provides you with all the basics such as important techniques and information on the helmet, PFD, sprayskirt, paddle and boat. You will find out how to get in your boat, parts of your equipment as well as how to use it all properly. Kids will also be shown how to do a wet exit, emptying your boat, body positioning, basic stokes as well as some great tips on starting your hip snap. With easy to follow steps and described in ways that every kid can understand, techniques are demonstrated by kids for kids. Filmed on location in Western North Carolina and Australia, this instructional video will become the standard for kids learning to kayak.

“Finally a video that has all the information that you wouldn’t necessarily remember to remind a kid! Now you can make sure your kid knows all the vocabulary and safety in order to become a kayaker!” Emily Jackson, World Champion

“A professional and polished production that successfully splices all-out action footage to whet any little adventurer’s appetite, with step-by-step and straightforward instructional information to keep therm clued up and safe while on the water. The perfect launch pad for a new generation of paddlers” Patrick Kinsella, Outer Edge Magazine Editor

Kayaking 4 Kidz

Kayaking 4 Kidz

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