Huck Southeast at US National Whitewater Center

Today the team had one of the most exciting days yet, we went to the US national whitewater center in Charlotte NC. The day started with all of us once again not knowing where we were going. As we set out for what we thought was going to be a short drive the instructors decided to play with us a little bit by discussing the levels of different rivers. As you can imagine we became very impatient as the drive from Tuxedo grew longer. We soon found ourselves in Charlotte, at which point we began to put the puzzle together. As we made our way around Charlotte we spotted a sign that read “US National Whitewater Center.” As you can imagine we all became very pumped! The temperature was well above 90 degrees as we got to the park. If you have never seen the white water center you show look on youtube or go to the website to understand the ride we had. It is two channels with about 300 yards of whitewater in each, both ending in the same huge pool with a conveyor belt to take you back up to the top. The left side is class 2-3 and the right side is class 3-4. we had a great 3 hour session in the park, all of us were very tired from the none stop paddling we did so we all took a break. After about a 30 minute break Andrew informed us that he had gotten us a raft to paddle. We all became very excited! with Trey and Andrew as our raft guides all 10 of us got in the raft with one main goal… to flip it. Now to the people around us and in other rafts seeing 10 kayakers in full kayaking gear get into a raft was really weird. All of the people gave us many mixed expressions, but being kayakers we knew how to paddle so we were going to flip that boat. After many tries we finally did it in a massive wave known as “M” wave. Now that we had done it once we were going to do it again. We flipped the boat a few other times in both channels, all the members of the team had a blast. As we rapped up our exciting day of many different things we were all exhausted. With our final day just hours away we headed to tuxedo to get some sleep. This was one of the most fun days yet.

Patrick O

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