A very dry Swiss summer

Switzerland itself has alas not been all that dry and the river are still flowing but i am currently working out at the Scout centre in Kandersteg working for three months as a climbing guide.

Kimmy climbing here first 5 a

Kimmy climbing here first 5 a

All in all its amazing here and i am very much in love with the scenery and working everyday in the mountains is unbelievably awesome next time i hope to have a boat with me.

Very much looking forward to being home now to kick off the UK white water season with style.


Scotland April 2010

First of all sorry it has taken so long for me to get this up but finally got the time to get on with it.

ski jump bif

A rather full triple falls on the etive

As with the year before we stayed in a lovely hostel just outside Glen Coe with only a 15 minute walk to the near by pub.

On the first day we were going to paddle the River Leny on the way up from the lake district…… when we saw it we decided to change our minds as it was up in the trees so we headed further up to the Upper Orchy which was a nice easy start to our week.

The next day we ventured off to a river called the river garry which is a damn released river that works on a tuesday of every week.  this was an awesome little section that we ran twice in the end with some interesting and not to complicated rapids.

On day three we went back to the Orchy and ran the middle section we had run the year previous.  What a difference.  This year the river was so much lower then the year before.

All the rapid where so much fun but nothing like i had remembered from the year before.  Chicken shoot rapid was by far my favourite of the day and went perfectly on the right hand side.

At the end of the week we were lucky enough to hit the etive in perfect condition.  Not only that but in 22 degrees c.  Everything was perfect and it really lived up to all the hype i had heard.

me running ski jump

me running ski jump

My favourite part of the day would have to be right angle falls which i ended up running five time.  We even had some people jumping off of it (and a few doing flips)

Tom doing a flip off Right angle Falls

Tom doing a flip off Right angle Falls

Me running Right Angle Falls

Me running Right Angle Falls

After all is said and done i had an amazing week and cannot wait for this winter season.

See you on the River


A Wet Wednesday on The Walkam

It was late upon the evening on tuesday and the phone rings.

I think “who could that be?” it was maria asking me if i wanted to join her, Nigel,Shelly,Froggyand Pete on the Upper Dart.

Before i knew it id said yes and was packing.

o530 the next day came around and it was time to get to Maria for a day of fun on the Upper

Alas all did not go to plan.  The Upper was too full so we flew over to the Middle Tavy.  Too full again.  All we could do was go and look at the Walkam and hope and pray little less water.

Success!!!!! An awesome level.

After doing the shuttle we got on for our  run.  Rapid by rapid we all took it in turns leading and just messing about down little rapids.  There was also some really nice play waves even for my mega rocker (which i learnt i can flat spin)

Just before lunchish stop we had the mighty slot drop which everyone ran without problem.

All in all it was an awesome day even if it wasn’t the Upper.

Smiles all round


Neddles Day Out

A couple of days before christmas and a group of us form UHCC went for a little paddle from keyhaven to the neddles on the Isle of Wight. 

it was a ver cold morning and we were off to go and catch a bit of rough water.  Alas we weren’t in luck on the rough waterness but still a very lovely (and cold) day out



Molly the ice breaker

joe paddling princes driveIt was a freezing day in Warwick and it was mollys (my open canoe) first trip out.  Beckie bought her kayak and we went paddling with 2nd warwick sea scouts up the river leam.

As we got out the car it was little over -5 degrees c and it wasnt going to get any warmer.  We got on at the scout HQ and paddled up stream to leam boat centre and back.  All the way up we were breaking inch thick ice from the bank which the kid all seemed to love. When we got to LBC we found the lake there to be frozen thick enough to stand on (crazy)

On the way back we got to Prince’s drive wier which was at a low level but was good and got to run it in my open canoe (little step but good fun)

All in all a great day out and great to be on the water



Hurley in the snow


It was a cold december morning and james and i got up early and headed for hurley. I’ve never seen such think snow in my life. It was amazing.

I can honestly say i have never paddled when it has been that cold before but it was so worth it.  Im learning alot in my new boat everytime i paddle it and can’t wait to be on the water again.



Adeventures on the Dart

A few weekends ago i had my first adventures on the Upper Dart and it was incredible.

The level was just under the slab.  PERFECT

We got on the river just above the bridge at dartmeet and started our adventures.  From moment one i knew id love the river and she certainly lived up to expectations.

Rapid after rapid we paddled as a group making eddys and i had so much fun.

We came to one rapid which was a narrow gap with a hard tight left before going off the edge of a 3 ft drop into a main flow. I came in a little fast and ended up having to low brace off both blades (don’t ask me how i got there or got back up but i did) but i did complete the rest of the rapid no problem.

All in all i had an amazing time on this section and can’t wait to paddle it again.  I didnt paddle euthanasia falls or surprise surprise but they will be there for another day.

When we got to the loop get in it was about 4 o’clock  and will and i came to the conclusion we would paddle the loop from there down.  We knew we were racing the light so we went all out and did it in 20 minuets. It was the fastest id ever done it in and had alot of fun doing it.  When we got off we only had 10 minuets of light left.

The next day i paddled the loop with james matt and olly, only thing was i didn’t take the kayak paddles but my C1 blade.  It certainly made the loop experince alot more interesting and made some of the lines a little harder to get to but was certainly worth it.

All in all it was an amazing weekend and i am so glad i went.


The List

It comes a time in every paddlers career where they look back and think what have i achieved so far? and i thouhgt to myself thats not bad. 

However it also made me think where can i go next? and what can i do next?

After a bit of thought ive put a list of rivers im going to attempt to paddle this season:-

  • Upper dart
  • West dart
  • East dart
  • East lyn
  • Webburn
  • Mellte
  • Camel
  • Fowey
  • Erme
  • East okement
  • West okement
  • Plym

so thats the list.  lets see how ive done by the end of the season.



Secret Mission to the Loop…

It was the 28th of November and i find my self (all be it a little late) at the get in for the Dart Loop with a very good friend of mine (yes Iain that is you) for his first trip back on white water since his accident.

The levels were gorgeous and the weather was glorious (well not quite but hay ho) so on we jumped for a big boat play. 

From there on in i knew it was going to be awesome.  few little wobbles till he had blown the cobwebs away but after that he was doing really well.

at the end of it all we reached the country park at the get out having had no swims, no epic and no walked rapids with from my count only 2 rolls.

For me it was really great as i got to see a friend taking his first steps back on white water and i also got to paddle with him after just over a year.

All in all amazing day

Thanks Iain



Hurley Classic 2009

Sunday 22nd of Novemeber brought the Hurley classic around again.

This year we were blessed by with  gorgeous 3 gate.  What more could we possbly ask for then that.

This was my first time on hurley in nearly nine months and it was the first time i really got to test the new beast out on a big wave so took some getting used too.

I came 27th in the K1 senior mens which i am more then happy with and can’t wait for next years even where i will hopfully beable to kick it up a gear and start placing a bit higher.

Thanks too KJO for putting on the event again and thank you to everyomne for making a great atmosphire.

On a somber  and upsetting note unfortunatly the day before the compitition an infamous thames vally paddler died on the upper dart whilst it was in spate.  I had never had the opportunity to paddle with him but it is always a sad day to lose a paddler.

Rest in peace Chris Wheeler