Paddling Life Invitational and BV Rodeo wrap up

It’s been a great Memorial Day weekend!  We kicked things off with the wildly popular CKS Paddlefest–where people can demo boats for free, take a clinic with a pro paddler, and enjoy CKS’s huge inventory of kickin’ kayaking gear on sale!  Amidst the Paddlefest is the BV Pro Rodeo, organized by Katie and Dustin Urban.  This year’s competition was held at a new playspot, built over the winter.  Water rose quickly throughout the weekend, and the new feature jacked-up into a POWERFUL, stompy wave-hole.  Lots of big air and big face surfs were served-up cold in the snowmelt-fed Arkansas River during and after the event.

Results for BV:

1 Stephen Wright

2 Nick Troutman

3 Jason Craig

1 Emily Troutman/Jackson

2 Ruth Gordon/Ebbens

3 Tanya Faux

After that, Jessica and I packed-up the van and headed to Steamboat Springs for the 5th annual Paddling Life Pro Invitational, which is the final event of the Yampa River Festival.  This is a unique event in that it’s a creek race combined with a freestyle competition.  You don’t win anything for being only good at one or the other, only combined results count.  I was stoked to have the new Villain S for the race, which is FAST and fun.  Unfortunately, I totally dried-out on a rock in the middle of the race…I hung my head in shame for 5 seconds before starting to wiggle-out into race mode again and ended-up in 7th for the race–bummer.  The freestyle was in the afternoon on a FUN wave.  Total overall event results here:

1 Nick Troutman

2 Sam Sutton (from New Zealand)

3 Stephen Wright

1 Emily Troutman & Ruth Ebens (tied for first)

2 Sarah Hamilton

Enjoy the few photos I shot this weekend–it was too busy to shoot much :)

Live from a coffee shop in Steamboat,

Stephen Wright

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Paddling Life Invitational and BV Rodeo wrap up

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