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Third Annual Creeking Clinic

On July 26th, the third annual Got Boof Intro to Creeking Clinic took place at Valley Falls, WV. We had over 40 participants this year, including both safety boaters and students, with a nearly one to one ratio. This year’s students left the majority of the carnage at home and spent the entire day working on their technique over the beautiful topography of this great West Virginia State Park. From posture and scouting to a variety of different boof techniques, participants took turns running the falls and then helping each other portage back up for more fun. Following a brief lunch, the group moved on down to the last two major rapids, Hamburger Helper and Twist and Shout to take their new found skills and apply them to the lines at hand. One more successful trip, one more long walk out and we look forward to next years activities.

Additional photo galleries can be found at the following locations:

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