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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cucumber and McClintock

With big rains coming to our region Wednesday night everything was flowing on Thursday, giving us the opportunity to do some summertime creeking. While some of the regular creeks that make our region so great were definitely a go and would have made for a super day, we decided to see what new runs we [...]

John’s First Descent

Got Boof crew member John Rudland is known for his attempts to run previously uncharted waters. Here is a little exploit someone captured on film near John’s place of employment. Check out the video of John’s First Descent Whitewater Kayaking

Matt Zeleznick and the power of denial

This last Monday, our friend Matt Zeleznick made his return to the Upper Yough for the summer. The level was a beefy 2.5′ but Matt, having had a bad day on the river at that level in the previous year, would have surely been concerned had he known about this day’s water volume. At the [...]

Summertime Boof Sessions

Summer is here and so are the Upper Yough releases. The great benefit to being a teacher is the chance to run almost every release throughout the summer. It is at the Upper Yough that Got Boof started and it is in this location that the skill of boofing is best practiced. See what I [...]