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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Glade Run

Sam Burke @ Glade Run As many of you brave or crazy enough to face the cold weather know, the water has returned to our part of the country. For two weekends the boating in our region has presented a multitude of choices and we amongst the Got Boof Crew have taken advantage of the [...]

Got Boof Cross Training

While some rivers are just beginning to pick up water again in our region, myself (Jason Hilton) and many members of the Got Boof Crew have had to turn to other sports in the last four months in order to get our adventure thrills. It turns out that a host of these sports are great [...]

Got Boof Expansion

Hello World Kayak Massive, As part of our ever expanding desire to connect and network with paddlers from across the world, we have expanded the Got Boof blog to become included in the World Kayak Bloggosphere. Big thanks to Colin for all of the assistance and the opportunity to spread our love for the steeps [...]