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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Old School Huckin’

Recently a local boater sent me this nice piece of Ohiopyle Falls history. From Ted Proctor:Billy Z and I were (are) long time river guides at LHRT so we were used to coming up with goofy ways of amusing ourselves. You might remember (and you can see from the photo) that the Ohiopyle locals used [...]

Jonathan Run

After a great day of boating yesterday, I (Jason Hilton) had resigned myself to graduate work and tending the potpourri on Sunday, so hadn’t even bothered to set the alarm for the day. A few friends called to check on creeks north of Pittsburgh, but nothing was running, gas costs too much, and the bed [...]

Cheatfest Weekend

The Rudler Returns Ahh another great Cheatfest weekend here in our backyard. Saturday began with a quick run down the Lower Big Sandy, to give the new creekboat a test drive (Bliss Stick Mystic – New Red). Spring is really showing up on the trees and all of us remarked on the beauty of the [...]