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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… Oh Wait, Wrong Holiday!

Video: Cascade Park N’ Huck Santa & Company So Jeff Macklin and I (Jason Hilton) decided to hunt for Easter Eggs in an abandoned amusement park… oh wait that’s not a good way to start one of these… Jeff and I decided to run a fairly large waterfall… there that sounds more like a posting [...]

Spring Teaser

Jason Hilton For those of you asking when our new videos will be appearing, have no fear. Throughout February, March and April, we have been shooting footage of some of the various steeps we encounter on a traditional spring up here in the mid-atlantic, along with some footage from the uber-classics of our region. But [...]

Got Boof Does It Again!!!

Two photo contests, two got-boof crew member winners. Congratulations go out this time to Jeff Macklin for his winning shot of Ben Dunham at Big Splat, Lower Big Sandy, WV River Gypsies Website Whitewater Kayaking