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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I hope my gear thaws out for next weekend…

This weekend we decided to stay local and calm down our runs to a more reasonable caliber for the enjoyment of all (Fikes, Meadow, Indian Creek). Ok, Art and I may have cheated by bagging the bottom of Rasler, but I owed it one from my recent shenanigans there. Note to self: You and your [...]

Winter Water

This week we have had a great turn in the weather. Early in the week we managed to catch about 5 inches of snow, and then just for the weekend, it warmed up and began to rain pushing water into all of the wintertime class IV runs that surround our region. The fun for me [...]

Mystery Run Clean Out

As many of you know, I (Jason Hilton) am always on the hunt for first descents in our region, which is challenging due to the rich whitewater history we enjoy in Western, Pennsylvania and our vast preponderance of innovators in the steep creek realm. Having spent countless hours of my own time looking for these [...]