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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Dead links

If you have noticed lately that our links to our videos are down, it is your fault. (But it is a good thing) The reason that the links are down is that we have surpassed the bandwidth allowed for file transfer of the movies. Our bandwidth is 20 gigs so it works out to somewhere [...]

Mission: First Descent – Accomplished

Video: Backyard Runs Volume II – Rattling Run First Descent Well after three days of rain with fingers crossed throughout, the first descent finally ran. I was extremely excited at the prospect, and must have spent at least two hours calling friends of mine to put together a team to run this, along with people [...]

Backyard Runs

Pine Run Put In Pine Run Character Pine Run Gorge Pine Run Hazard Well with the discovery of my first descent, everyone on the Got Boof Crew has begun looking for their own runs. With an inch of rain locally we were able to try out one of Jeff Macklin’s many creeks that he has [...]

Happy New Year

1/1/07 – Jeff Macklin organized a trip for a collection of boaters from DC and Pittsburgh. Little Sandy into Lower Big Sandy all in one shot. 10 Miles of paddling from flatwater through the good stuff. I decided to begin the New Year with dreams of what may come. Hence the following:Jason Hilton (Big Splat) [...]