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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Ultimate Kayaking Line

Today while making a really dark run (the sun had set a half hour ago) down Cowanshannock Creek, I happened into the best kayaking line I had heard in awhile. My buddy was really freaked out about putting on at sunset and now even more freaked out by the lack of light. I eddied out [...]

Blackwater Sunday

On Sunday 10/8/06 the Blackwater was at a perfect level to catch a first run on the Lower B with Jeff Macklin and Joe Sullivan. It was a beautiful fall day, in the 70′s and the level was a low but fun 310cfs. I always felt that the walk out of the Upper Blackwater was [...]

Gauley Season

Ahh Gauley Season As Gauley season winds down, so does the paddling season for alot of people (not us), it would seem important to tell everyone about the Got Boof Crew experiences with this great river this season. The first weekend of Gauley Season, Keith, Rick, Matt, and Jason ran the marathon for the first [...]