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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Upper Yough Action

Over the last month, we have been taping footage of various days spent on the Upper Yough. Living in Southwest Pennsylvania, the Upper Yough is our summer stomping ground when everything else has dried up. If you haven’t been to this river it is one to check out for sure as it offers lines for [...]

Low Water Valley Falls Huckfest

With little water left in the local rivers, Jim and I decided to represent the Got Boof Crew @ Valley Falls, WV by shooting some footage of his new inflatable kayak in action (plus I was really interested in seeing if this would be a carnage fest, or if those things can huck). Well, does [...]


I just added some older clips that I had lying around on my computer to flesh out the content here abit. You can find two of these clips on the class-sik website as well, which is run by Zachary Frederick, one of our regions up and coming hairboaters. Zachary has been my access to the [...]

So it begins…

Here is the beginning… in the coming days I will try to include information about the team members first, and then some footage for everyone to check out. Whitewater Kayaking