Eric “EJ” Jackson is to kayaking as Laird Hamilton is to surfing and Tony Hawk is to skateboarding. Dedicated to the sports since his father first turned him onto it when he was just a teen, EJ – with the support and encouragement of his best friend and wife, Kristine – has followed his passion for more than three decades, accumulating along the way an unprecedneted number of competitive titles and recognition including Olympian, World Champion, and inductee, International Whitewater Hall of Fame.

Never content to settle for the status quo or take conventional wisdom too seriously, EJ innovates on and off the river. On his way to becoming the winningest kayaker in history, EJ invented such staples of the freestyle boater’s bag of tricks as the Splitwheel, McNasty and Lunar Orbit. Off the water, he – along with longtime design partner David Wright – has been designing some of the sport’s best-selling kayaks.

EJ sincerely believes in better living through kayaking. To make sure more people, especially kids, have access to kayaking, in 2003 EJ and business partner Tony Lunt launched Jackson Kayak. With the widest range of boat sizes and trademark emphasis on comfort, durability and ease of use, Jackson Kayak quickly became the best-selling brand of whitewater kayaks

EJ is among the most prolific authors of instructional books and videos helping others learn everything from basic strokes and concepts to the most advanced freestyle moves. Amonghis proudest achievements, EJ co-authored the next generation of kayaking champions and innovators – his daughter Emily (reigning World Junior Women’s Freestyle Kayak Champion, US National Freestyle Kayak Senior Women’s Champion), son Dane (Bronze medalist, World Junior Men’s Freestyle Kayak Champion, two-time and reigning US National Freestyle Kayak Champion) and KC (copywrite, 08.25.08).