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If anyone wants prints of any photos please contact me for details and price. 6 x 9 glossy prints will be priced at £5 + £3.50 P&P. I will also do personalised shoots for anyone wanting a range of photos for sponsors or just to pop on your walls. All photos taken will be included in price and come with a CD with all the high resolution images to be used at your pleasure.

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  • Hi Dale,

    You mention that Trent Lock is one of your favourite playspots. I have been interested in it after seeing photos when the Trent is in flood.

    How often does this wave work under normal conditions? It is playable for basics at low levels or does it not work at all?

  • Hi Simon

    Yes Trent lock is a great spot when conditions are right. You will see in one of my posts on Newark weir I have the Environmental agency link for their updated water levels Trent lock will run as a wave anywhere between 3-5 meters I believe the average level is just over 1 meter so relies on a fair bit of rain.

    I wouldn’t visit if the Trent is not above 3 meters. Rule of thumb 3-3.5 take a fast boat, 3.5 and above take a playboat and have lots of fun!

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