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Joby Ultrafit Sling Strap Review

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When it comes to camera straps I have always stuck to my manufacturer supplied strap from Nikon. I was always happy with them thinking that it did its job was fairly comfortable and was strong and reliable. For the last month now I broke the mould and have been using the Joby Ultrafit Sling Strap instead of my standard Nikon strap. I always have my DSLR on me and mostly can be found photographing around water as a keen white water photographer. A month in and I can safely say what was I doing for the last 4 years. The Joby Ultrafit Sling strap is a great piece of kit. I will start with the advantages of making the switch from your standard strap.

The Ultrafit sling offers Joby’s SpeedCinch system which allows you to quickly grab your camera and pull it from your side with ease and it really works. It is quick and effective. Due to wearing the sling across your chest it wants to naturally swing into position as you grab it. In reverse the strap is also really easy to pull up close to your body so it is not swinging low by your side. I found pulling into my body when around water very reassuring indeed and you can lock the strap off easily in a split second.

The Ultrafit sling is very comfortable which makes long shoots a lot less of a suffer too. The strap has been really good on quick shoots and on travel abroad, even when wearing over a camera bag was perfectly fine.
The strap allows your camera to sit on your side using its natural weight meaning that your lens will face downwards settling and not putting any strain on your lens mount. I have used this strap with up to a 300mm lens and it is really well balanced and does not feel heavy like the manufacturers straps.

Build quality is good and the strap looks stylish too. I also like the fact that aesthetically this strap doesn’t stand out like the Nikon yellow and Canon red on the straps so attracts less attention in busy cities.

The strap attaches on the bottom on your tripod mounting hole and if worried that you often shoot on a tripod don’t worry you can buy a plate to allow you to use both without having to unscrew the strap. The attachment has a screw with a small tightening plate to secure your camera quickly. I have also used a coin to double check and ensure the strap is secure and it has been solid as a rock.

In terms of usability the strap allows you better control of your camera as the strap mounts on the tripod mounting hole allowing easy access to the top of the camera.

I tried to find some negatives and as yet I am struggling I think the only negative is that I can’t sit my DSLR flat on a table due to the positioning of the mount but the positives overwhelm this so it does not bother me in the slightest. For about £30 from most retailers this is a real bargain if you’re an active photographer or enjoy shooting in the busy hustle of the city.

Check it out at for videos and further information.

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