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Watershed Ocoee the drybag for photographers on the water

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First impressions of the Watershed Ocoee are excellent, packaged very well in quality packaging a pride which watershed clearly have in all aspects of their business. The Ocoee is the smallest duffell Watershed manufacture and this has made it an excellent choice for the river boater/ freestyle paddler. Small enough to fit in the back of your kayak or on your lap if transporting in a playboat.

The bag itself is made of Kryptothane® Fabric, a 420-denier nylon coated in layers of polyurethane. I have owned the larger Chatooga bag now for a couple of years and it is still in great condition. This material will take knocks scratches and scrapes. Think of it as a really tough dry bag.

There have been lots of reviews of the Ocoee and an excellent review from Unsponsored in September so I will not cover anything discussed in that review read that here at UNSPONSORED

I want to comment on why choose Watershed over rivals like Peli or Otterbox. I was a big fan of Peli and growing up always kept my cameras in them. As a waterproof box they are great but I started having worries regarding their stiffness. Where the hull on my kayak can flex and believe me I would rather it flex than take the impact sometimes, the Peli case does not. My concern was that a peli case could break open or worse cause damage to my kayak by not flexing. The watershed duffels are flexible and if secured correctly provide a suitable air pocket that will flex where needed if the hull is flexed. Now I am happy that my camera is protected in a Watershed bag. I can see the argument that surely this could knock the camera and damage it but the bag receives plenty of padding from the liners (sold separately). Myself personally I have the dividers also to separate my bag into sections, I carry a 18-105, 70-300 and a 50mm prime on most trips along with spare batteries and other necessities. The dividers come in a range of sizes and the most useful of the set is a small padded block with a cut out to rest the camera with lens attached taking the strain off the cameras lens mount.

If you choose Peli you have to buy a massive box to store a camera and lense or sacrifice buying a smaller box and having to remove the lense and carry the body of your DSLR separate way too time consuming for on the river.
Secondly style; Watershed bags are damn good looking! The material looks good; the colours are vibrant and stand out. The bags look good on the water or off the water watershed provide a good range of colours I prefer the red and blue although have noticed the yellow seems to be popular in the UK. It’s nice to wonder around and not look like you’re carrying your lunch box!

You can buy Watershed duffels from  Watershed or if in the UK System X

watershed Ocoee

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  • “It’s nice to wonder around and not look like you’re carrying your lunch box.” – I’ve owned and used Peli case for just over a year now and I know this feeling! At the moment the Peli case system I’m using is working but I think I’m definitely going to be looking at the watershed products as a future option.

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