Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012...10:47 pm

Hurley Weir 1st pilgrimage from Nottingham 2012

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So this April we got April showers, oh and it fell! So I joined my good friend Miles Jones and headed south to the world famous Hurley Weir. When we arrived it had just dropped from 4 gates so not the greatest level the Wave as ever been on but good fun none the less. It turned out many others had the same idea. there must have been 25 people queuing at one point but still worth the trip.Not only the usual Hurley locals and UK paddling scene members but some internationals on the water Emily Jackson and Martina Wegman both paying visits to the Uk play spot.

We were promised sun and the sky cleared a little but it was a lovely day none the less. Unfortunately as I was on the water only a few photos to offer. Photos of Myself ( yellow X56), Doug Cooper (yellow X48) and Miles Jones (Dagger Ego)


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