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National Student Rodeo 2012

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Ok so I got the news that I had been accepted on a Masters course part time whilst teaching at my school, my first thought great! I can enter the National student Rodeo again!

So I entered under the Anglia Ruskin University (Sorry Trent…my allegiance still stands with Trent but I had to enter).

Friday night I got in from work, grabbed a beer and wait…. ok so I didn’t party straight away as was out for a meal with friends but that beer tasted good! After the meal I took a trip down to the River legacy gazebo to register…. and then back to the pub!

Saturday morning I was up nice and early met up with my friends and sponsors at Desperate Measures and Wavesport and hit the water to warm up. It was nice morning weather was calm with little wind. The event kicked off from 8.20am and saw girls, boys and well some odd sights hit the water for their extreme slalom runs.

Extreme slalom is the qualifying routine, a number of features where paddlers are expected to do a new school move, hit a ball that is suspended in the air (a little high this year), a spin and lastly an old school move! Did I mention the event is the largest freestyle event in the world! Yes the World but is meant to be fun and be a great introduction for new club paddlers.

The trade village was set up as usual with stands from desperate measures, Wavesport, Palm, Pyranha, Big Dog, Zet, Robson etc….. on hand to provide students with all their paddling needs and goodies. Also some excellent prizes such as a Wavesport D75, Dagger Mamba (in tiger stripe), a Big Dog Kaos and a range of other goods from Aqua Pack and Palm.

Saturday afternoon saw the women battle it out in their first heats for novice, and expert with the top paddlers moving through into the Sunday Final. Men had it easy and could sit back relax and have a beer or two and prepare for the party Sat night.

Saturday night wow… how do I explain one huge party, one huge tent one huge job organising. Well done to River legacy once again on providing an excellent party. The theme Jungle! My costume well me and my girlfriend went as Ant and Dec which seems to confuse a few paddlers who were from Canada and South Africa. To be fair how would you expect them to know that the guy with the huge forehead is famous! And why does Dec have boobs.

Story of the night has to go out to Joe Morley who managed to paddle to the Southbank pub leave kayaks in the beer garden, order at the bar in tiger outfits and spray decks, then on route to the party board the Nottingham Princess all you can drink booze cruise, then get off the cruise and paddle to HPP attending the party very wet indeed! Heroic!

Sunday morning came rather earlier than I may have liked and it was an early start for the men’s heats. I was on the water for 9am in the men’s expert heats and struggling on the feature, not with the paddling but keeping up my drinks from the night before! It was success as I had made it into the Men’s Expert Final and just had to wait until the afternoon to paddle again. George Younger was looking on form and in my eyes was sure to win putting in some very clean rides.

Women’s came and went with some great paddling from Islay Crosbie and Flic Meares. Unfortunately I did not get to witness much of the Intermediate and Novice events due to paddling but I am told these were very entertaining!

Finally I was up Men’s final 7 of us battling it out for the podium spots, my best result at NSR 2005 was 10th Expert now 7 years older and a student again I had to beat it, at least I knew I had already. The competition was high some great runs from all paddlers the format a 15 minute Jam session meant plenty of wave time was to be had and scoring was on variety so once a move is scored you must look for a new move. This was difficult in a jam session as most paddlers were running out of moves in their tricks bank or forgetting what they had already scored! I think everyone hit loops, Godzilla’s, cartwheels, Mcnastys and Rhys Roberts took the victory with the only Phonix Monkey in the final, George ‘of the Jungle’ younger taking 2nd and Ben West taking 3rd place. I ended up in 6th which I was happy with considering the competition.

Check out the results of this NSR 2012 below:-

Overall University Standings

1st: Southampton
2nd: Bath
3rd: Durham

Spirit of PGL award – Aberystwyth

Carnage Award – Glasgow

K1: Mens Novice
1st: Pete Ainscow
2nd: Will Mawdsley
3rd: Ryan Matthews
4th: Ricki Bills
5th: Adam Rimmer

K1: Womens Novice
1st: Jeannine Bradley
2nd: Marie Faithful
3rd: Nicola Woodcock
4th: Rose Ashmore
5th: Hannah Sullivan

K1: Mens Intermediate
1st: Ryan Stigant
2nd: Daniel Bodey
3rd: Sam Faithful

K1: Womens Expert
1st: Flic Meares
2nd: Islay Crosbie
3rd: Sandra Hyslop

K1: Mens Expert
1st:Rhys Roberts
2nd: George Younger
3rd: Ben West

1st: Rick Longley
2nd: Jack Gunter
3rd: Steve Rees-Clark

1st: Islay Crosbie
2nd: Tom Keogh
3rd: Chris Booth

Emily Parker Prize – Sean Carley

For photos see:-

Following photos thanks to Andrew Sylvester

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