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New Years Paddling and my 1st swim in years

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Great New Years was upon us again and myself and a group of friends decided to head to North Wales to celebrate with some good boating and some good drinking!

We headed to North wales on the friday nightso we could get a morning run on saturday. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of rain overnight however we managed to get a run down the Fairy Glen a good grade 5 gorge run and one of the UK’s premier runs. This run always relies on you being on top form. Alongside Miles Jones, Andy Butler, David bain and Daz Clarkson we head down the river. Having only paddled the Glen a few times I was very greatfull to have Daz and Andy with us as local knowledge of the lines is necisary.

Miles, Daz and David had already been on an early morning run.

The river was at a just below sticky level and proved to be great fun from start to finish. Heres some photos.

On to the party for New Years Eve we stayed at a bunkhouse in Panmachno good party good friends!

On New Years day we had lots of rain overnight so headed over to the Ogwen valley to see what level the Ogwen was on. On arrival levels were good! Medium to Low High so plenty of water running down Bank Falls and rushing down the Gun Barell section.

Mandy Chan had joined us but decided to run only the section after the gun barell (a horrible rocky slide about 15 MPH and about 4 inches deep full of rock and Iron Girders) the thing here is not to swim!

bank falls went well for myself, Stu and Miles. I took a slight roll over a rock that popped out of knowehere ;) however my day got significantly worse upon entering the Gun barell section. I decided to avoid an overhanging tree (strainer) I would charge the stopper and boof over the tow back. In reality what happened was I didn’t get enough speed and got sucked back into the hole.

After about 2 mins sat in the stopper getting thrown around silly I capsized and fell out of my kayak not even needing to tag the deck. The next 5 mins I would rather forget I hit the overhanging tree, and about every rock and girder on the run. Not a swim I will want to do again!

anyway some photos of the damage.

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