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Lee Valley Olympic Course with Wavesport UK

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Yesterday I headed south for another paddle at Lee valley the UK’s new Olympic White Water course soon to be home of the London 2012 Olympic Games. I was joined by Wavesport UK’s Tom Pattison and Wayne Astley. I had completed my assessment to paddle there a few weeks ago so the boys first had to be assessed by one of the coaches to paddle on the courses.

There are 2 courses at the new UK site the Legacy course aimed for those who are not quite up to the speed of the Olympic course and the Olympic course which is fast, pushy and steep.

The assessment is required to paddle both courses some pass both, some pass only the legacy. Tom and Wayne passed both with ease so we first had a big boat session for the first hour.

I took out a Habitat 74 which was great fun on the Olympic course fast, dynamic and in inferno colours definitely looked good!

For our second hour we took out a small fleet of project X’s and had a play on all the courses many features. Not yet tailored for freestyle or river running the course is set up for slalom and will be for a long while which makes sense as that is its purpose.

Even though it is set for slalom and rafting there are a number of great little features to paddle. Main event is a great wave to surf and spin a little shallow for other moves. Sideshow is a sideways strainer capable of flipping rafts, this feature is very sticky which allows Phonex Monkeys and Mcnastys to be thrown or give you a good beat down if not on it!

There are a few other features around the course too, the most used is a wave after the first big drop, Ideal for blunts and other wave moves people have been trying to throw airscrews with mixed result recently changed due to the addition of a new block in the course which has led to the wave being a bit bouncy I stuck to Helix’s yesterday the bounce allowing some air on them.

Anyway we had a great day and have some great photos to show for it have a look!
Photos thanks to Matty Nicholas Copyright of Rapid Focus

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  • Nice one mate, like the pictures. Would be good to get down there some time, went to Cardiff for the first time at the weekend.

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