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New Palm Atom Dry Top Review

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This week I picked up a new Palm Atom Dry Top from Nottingham based canoe shop Desperate Measures. First impressions of the cag are good, excellent colours, great quality feel and with Palms Guarantee to perform in the harshest environments what more could you want.

I am intending to use this cag for river running, steep creeking, playboating, and a bit of surfing, so does it do what I want? I took it down to Nottingham’s HPP to find out. On the cag feels great for a 3 layer fabric (XP 3-layer fabric/Nylon 330D and Kevlar® reinforcement) it feels very lightweight and an amazing cut. Very comfortable and allows plenty of movement on the water. The cag features many improvements from the Sidewinder. The latex seals feel far softer on the skin than previous cags I have owned and the Atom does not cause me the dreaded neck rash I have had from past cags! The underarm of the cag doesn’t have any seams so constant movement of the arms will not cause to leakage over time. As a standard necessity it features an aqua lock zipped pocked to store away any bits and bobs you may want on your person if you BA does not have storage.

The two features I like the most are the elbow protection, not only is it Kevlar re-enforced to protect your elbows but padded on the inside so you don’t feel knocks and scrapes a really nice feature for both river running and playboating if your someone who knocks your elbows all the time.

The waistline on this cag is Velcro a move that a lot of manufacturers have gone for recently so you have more contact on your torso than an elastic bungee. Don’t worry about your deck riding down as it features sticky elastic edging.

If you’re someone who paddles late at night or is partial to early morning runs on your local water then the cag also features 3M reflective detailing on the sleeves collar and cuffs so you light up like a Christmas tree and can be seen from a mile off.

I am very impressed with my Atom and would recommend purchase to anyone looking for a very well thought out and comfortable cag. The cag comes in Saffron/Jet Grey/Mist, Red/Jet Grey/Mist in S, M, L, and XL. I went for a Medium and I’m 5 ft 10′ and usually wear a 38-40 chest size 15 1/2 neck.

Anyway here are a couple of photos of the cag in action.


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  • Hi, thanks for the review, the big question that was not answered is – does it keep you dry? Have a sidewinder which has had a hard life and is now a wet place to be, winter is on it’s way here in NZ so I need a new cag, is this the one or is there anything better out there?
    Cheers Chris

  • Hi
    Chris, I had the cag for a year before damage so replaced with the same cag model and both have performed well. I am dry getting off the water even after repeated use. I too had problems with my old sidewinder so at first wasn’t sure if these would come back to haunt. I am a big fan of the cag both performance and looks. I have tried a lot of others recently the yak Mavric is an affordable alternative but the atom still gets my vote. Although friends rathe the sweet shadrack it’s just I find the sweet cages a little large and a funny cut.

    I have the pants ion bib to use with the atom and that makes a great alternative to a dry suit.

    Hope that helps


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