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2010 Youth Challenge Kayak Program – Pre Season Paddle for the kids :)

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Wednesday 19 May 2010, Lamoureux Park in Cornwall Ontario,

And so it starts, spring is here and the water may be low but the water front in Conrwall Ontario is still a busy place for kayaks  and kids.

We were joined by a small group of kids on a beautiful evening at the Cornwall water front. Why, To Kayak of course! An evening  of getting re-acquainted and playing on the water. We tortured them with the necessary drills and warms ups. Reminded about water safety and our basic rules of conduct then pushed them out onto the water. Ahhhh, it is good to be back out there with the kids. They were awesome. As always they start a bit nervous but in no time at all they were in their comfort ones and working out the kinks from a winter without paddling.

It may be the end of May but the water is still cold. It takes a while for the waters of the St-Lawrence to heat up. This did not stop them from getting wet. Kids are great. Little boys are always keen to prove themselves in whatever way they can. This group was no exception. Everyone wants to be upside down, brave the cold and you got it… show us that they still can wet exit and be safe. Personally I thought the water was cold and prefer to be in the boat rather than out but the boys were happy to show me that”they are not cold” (even if the teeth start chattering. :) )
Thanks to our friends at Level 6 the kids are well covered for the cold.

Julie, our one girl that evening, was rolling. Saaaweeeet!

Well 2 hours rips by, and I got the reward that keeps me going. They all asked the same thing? When does the program start and can they get out before the program starts? I am a happy man!
The parents and guardians came out too. Lot’s of questions were asked and enthusiasm shown! That is always a huge and I was happy to see them show soo much interest.

We were also joined by Linda Halliday from OPG. Each year OPG helps us ensure that the kids get an opportunity to experience the rivers and ensure they are well educated on playing safe and staying clear of the hydro structures. Thanks again to OPG for making our programs possible.

By 8: 30  we packed up our fleet of Jackson Boats and headed home. But we will be back.

Stay tuned…. :)

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