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Day 6 CReW Youth Challenge Kayak Program: New kids, New Skills And The Girls Roll First!

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Tuesday, July 21st brought us back to Cornwall at Lamoureux Park for another fun evening with kids, water and kayaks!
When we arrived in Cornwall and unloaded 21 bots and all the gear, we were greeted by a whole lot of kids and parents too! The Boys and Girls Club of SD&G’s ED, Dianne, was there with a volunteer and more sign up sheets! Soo cool!
Boats and kids
We have to remind kids and parents that we are limited by the number of boats that we have so we need to know in advance who is coming and who is not so we can always get the most kids in the water possible each week!
We had 13 kids from the previous week and 2 new young faces :) 15 kids between the ages of 8 and 16!

We quickly split the group and Sylvie took our 2 new paddlers to get them started. Everyone else was split between Cheryl, Jennifer, Zachary and myself. The plan of the day: Rolling. After a warm up and some good stretches (which is also our chance to add a few well placed words about nutrition  and hydration) we hit the water.
Cheryl started with 2 girls, Aaron and Karly and I took Adam and Alex. 30 minutes of effort payed off. Aaron nailed it first and her roll is consistent!!!!  Karly came up shortly behind her and she will be solid in not time I am sure!.
Adam then followed suit. By the end of the evening he had it sorted out! Alex will not be far behind.
While Cheryl and I worked the rolling clinics Zachary and Jennifer worked the hip snaps, T-Rescues and basic strokes. Well done folks!
The rest of the kids also got to work on the roll and with the varied levels of stress, anxiety and flexibility we should see a steady stream of new kids rolling soon enough!
My bet is that Alex will have it worked out next week and he will be followed by Brandon and Julia. The rest will fall into place after that. Want to see if my predictions are correct? Check us out next week and see what happens!
Till then, Thanks to all the volunteers that work so hard with us to make this happen and to our sponsors who facilitate it all for us.
Enjoy a few pics and clips of the evening by clicking here.

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