The Grand Canyon

nicktroutman wrote 1660 days ago:

IMG_0595_2This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon so I had no idea what to expect, except what I had heard, and what I had seen from a couple pictures. Though no picture or story can come close to experiencing it first hand. The name Grand Canyon is almost an understatement, being that this was probably the best river trip I have ever been on, which says a lot because I have been on a fair amount.

Our good friend Tony Lunt was kind enough to invite Emily and myself along with 13 other friends to join him on his trip. It was a really cool trip no only because of the amazing scenery, or the great whitewater, but also because of the cool people. I had known half of the group before we left, though I feel like I knew everyone by the end of the trip.

We were on the canyon for 13 days, which at first seemed like it would be a long trip, though by the end no one wanted to leave, and it felt as though we had barely scratched the surface of the entirety of the magnificent place.

I knew we were in for a treat when after the first day I had been blown away by the canyon’s awesome beauty, and our group’s dynamics, and the professionalism of our guides, not to mention the great food. On day 7 we had filet mignon, how cool is that?

Our fearless leader, and good friend, Phil Boyer lead us down the sweetest big water lines the canyon had to offer. We also got to check out some amazing side hikes waterfalls, caves and canyons.

Emily and I had a blast getting to hang out, play and kayak with everyone. I would like to give a big thanks to Tony for inviting us on this trip. This was truly one of the coolest experiences of my life. This really is something that everyone in the world should experience, see and understand, for it is The Grand Canyon!

I will be posting a video from our trip soon, but for now here are some pictures from our awesome trip.

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