Troy Wilson

Hometown Throwdown #4

Troy Wilson wrote 1405 days ago:

Our last Hometown Throwdown for Idaho took place under a beautiful clear sky (no smoke, ya-hoo), and warm temps in Cascade. We had 10 paddlers show up ready to go, then 6 SUPs asked if they could compete. We threw together a quick score sheet to award points for some SUP skills – and bam – 16 paddlers hit the warm, clear water at Kellys Whitewater Park. Was great fun to see some of our long time pals like Willard, Travis, Mike and Tara show up. Plus a bunch of kids which always makes an event more fun. And a group from Bend, Oregon – always good to add new blood and make new friends.
SUPs added some nice diversity and cool to see the skills they had aquired.
Next year we plan to have a full-fledged SUP catagory and run their event right after the kayaks. So stay tuned for that.
Thanks everyone for making it a great season – BIG PROPS to our sponsors!
Catch you next year!
  1. Mike
  2. Mike C.
  3. Travis
  4. Willard
  1. Tara
  2. Joyce
  1. Ethan
  2. Quinton
  3. Blake
  1. Paige
  1. Stiehl
  2. Aiden
  3. Brad
  4. Kai
  5. Tim
  1. Meghan

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Troy Wilson

Hometown Throwdown #3 2014

Troy Wilson wrote 1420 days ago:

We had another great Throwdown at Kelly’s Whitewater Park on July 26th. There were 11 competitors who all competed on the middle wave, like we usually do, then went up and did a boater cross at the end. Since the river has dropped a little, the wave was stickier and wider, though a little shallow if you weren’t careful.

It was great to see some people new to the the Throwdowns, including two students from the Kelly’s Kayak Academy, a school that teaches local kids to paddle.

This month’s competition saw a few more moves thrown than usual, since the sticker wave allowed for these and we had some very experienced kayakers there.

Overall, another great event. Its so neat to have these low-key events where you can challenge yourself and still have fun! Thanks for a great event guys!





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Troy Wilson

Boise HomeTown ThrowDown #2 2014

Troy Wilson wrote 1455 days ago:

This months HomeTown ThrowDown included people from Alabama and Oregon, as well as the local Idaho paddlers. We had the twelve competitors out on the middle feature here at Kelly’s Whitewater Park, which had been cold the week before, but we were lucky enough to have warm weather and sunshine.

The wave was a little flushy, but not too bad, as long as you landed your tricks right and paddled after each one. Tricks from spins and shuv-its, all the way to loops and Space-Godzillas were thrown, making for an impressive show.

Everyone did two rides, and then went up for a boater-cross. Lucky for us, we had the Payette River Games last weekend, so the ramp was still up. Most of the boater cross competitors slid down the ramp, though  few chose to launch off the bank.

It was a great group, who really made it a fun time for everyone. Thanks to all who showed up. Can’t wait for the next ThrowDown on July 26th. :)


Here are some pics of the day:

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Troy Wilson

Boise HomeTown ThrowDown #4

Troy Wilson wrote 1753 days ago:

Here at Boise we’ve had our last Hometown Throwdown of the year. A big thank you to everyone thats helped make it such a fun year.

As usual our competition was on the second feature at the amazing Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho.

We had eleven competitors, two of which were all the way from Portland, Oregon.

Everyone had three rides, best two count, to show off their tricks. There were a few less ariels than before mostly because of the lower water that made the wave shallower than usual. There were still some impressive moves thrown and its great to see everyone progress through the year. Thanks again to everyone who has shown up through the year to make the Throwdown’s what they are. :)


Here’s the standings:


Mens K1:

1. Troy

2. Tyler

3. Warren

4 (Tie). Mathew

4 (Tie). Travis


Junior Mens K1:

1. Crosby

2. Skye

3. Ethan

4. Zeke


Junior Womens K1:

1. Paige

2. Roxy


Here’s some pictures from the event:

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Troy Wilson

Idaho HomeTown Throw Down #2

Troy Wilson wrote 1790 days ago:

Cascade had its second HomeTown ThrowDown this past Saturday. We had eleven participants that all competed in the second feature of Kelly’s Whitewater Park. The weather was in the high 80′s and the Payette North fork was a perfect temp.


Water levels are still above normal compared to last summer, which made the wave a little flushy, but nice and deep. Most of the tricks were loops and space godzillas. Wesley even did a few clean cartwheel paddle spin combos.


Three of our competitors were all the way from Bend, Oregon. And it was fun to have Sage Donnelly from Reno at the event.


The bad news is that Tyler had pics of everyone on his iPhone, but jumped in the river and had the charger port opened on his LifeProof case….it never recovered. We are still trying to find out if the pics synced to his photo-stream. If so we’ll post them later :-)


We have two throwdowns in August – hope to see you there. We may separate and have competition at both the upper and middle feature. So if you have been holding off ‘cuz you wanted to do something bigger than the middle feature, we are up for adding the top feature to the mix.





Mens K1 A:

1. Troy

2. Wesely

3. Kurt

4. Noel


Junior Mens K1 A:

1. Kyle

2. Skye

3. Crosby

4. Aaron

5. Jake


Junior Womens K1 A:

1. Sage

2. Paige

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Troy Wilson

Idaho Hometown Throwdown #1 2013

Troy Wilson wrote 1834 days ago:

Idaho’s first Hometown Throwdown of the year was finally on a warm sunny day and we had great flows at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Temps in the mid 70′s and warmer water meant no poggies or skull-caps.

With these flows the second feature is great for loops, space godzillas, cartwheels, pretty much anything you can throw in a wave-hole. We ran three hole rides and had a couple of swims. Swims to me mean people are getting out of their comfort range and LEARNING! So kudos to those swimmers :-)

We also saw some good aerial action from Troy Wilson and Mike Vorrhees. Connor Voorhees was our youngest competitor at 9 years old.

We had a bonus surprise when we got together for our prize drawing, EJ showed up and gave a tour of the new RockStar. Our next TD will be on July 27, again at Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

Hope to see you there!



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1. Troy Wilson

2. Mike Voorhees

3. Travis Tripp



1. Skye Titus

2. Crosby Crevett

3. Connor Voorhees

4. (TIE) Paige Wilson

4. (TIE) Ethan Tripp

5. Quinton DiLenge

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