Stand up Paddling Waterfalls.

Aaron wrote 1224 days ago:

You have to choose your waterfalls very carefully when paddling a SUP.  You want the falls to be near vertical and not too tall.  The drop in these pictures is about 14 feet tall.

SUP waterfall

With these sliding drops it is very important to not use the skegs.  Either turn the board around backwards or choose a board with removable skegs.

SUP waterfall

Foot placement should be in the Kung Fu stance so you have maximum stability.  I have also tried surfer stance and it worked fairly well.

SUP waterfall

Your weight has to stay moving with the board.  If you are too far back the board will kick up and leave you in the landing.  Too far forward and it will sub out and become very unstable.

SUP waterfall

If you can get in a big stroke for the landing it will help to keep you connected to the board.  A change in velocity is what causes falls, whether it be the board or rider.

SUP waterfall

The downtime was pretty heavy on this drop.  I actually fell after the board resurfaced.  A board with a little more rocker will keep me from going so deep the next time.

At Kayak Huasteca we use Emotion Traverse boards which can be Purchased at CKS.

See you on the river…


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Stand up Paddling! Ocoee style!

Aaron wrote 1490 days ago:

The Middle Ocoee river is a summer time staple for the southeast.  Consistent flows and great class 3-4 whitewater make it a great proving ground for whitewater SUP.

There are many lines through all the big rapids.  Since we started SUP here 2 years ago we have graduated to many of the meatier raft lines.  Jon Shannon (above) is running the guts of Double Trouble!

Lines can be technical or stout, you choose!  Left line at Broken Nose (above)

Tablesaw is one of those rapids that flips kayakers, sends rafts crashing against the rocks and is very intimidating on a SUP.  This year we have been running main line.  250 feet of continuous waves 3 feet high or more.  (above)

If you are confident in class 2-3 on your SUP board, come out and see us on the Ocoee in Southeast TN.  Water temps are in the high seventies and we have releases from thursday to monday.  We have quiver of EmotionTraverse and some C4 inflatables.

See you all on the river

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Emotion Traverse SUP. An All Purpose Board.

Aaron wrote 1552 days ago:

I’ve been paddling the Emotion Traverse for over a year now.   Let me just say “ I LOVE THIS BOARD!”  

Some class 3 below 300 foot Tamul Falls! Some class 3 below 300 foot Tamul Falls!

 I have had the pleasure of paddling up to Class 4 whitewater, flat water, ocean surf, fishing, and even some waterfalls with the Traverse.  It has surpassed all my expectations.

Emotion Traverse boards ready for action Emotion Traverse boards ready for action


The Traverse is made form High density plastic so it is tough.  This board can take a lot of abuse.  I have seen mine fly from the roof rack more than once, with no visible damage.  TOUGH!

Another day at the office! Another day at the office!


Take a milk crate and some rod holders, strap them to the back, and you have a perfect fishing platform.  4 Traverse and 1 kayak on the river together and we caught over 20 fish.  Large mouth bass, sunfish and even a trout.

Nice bass on the Lower Ocoee. Nice bass on the Lower Ocoee.

If you are looking to run whitewater on an SUP?  This is the perfect place to start.  The Emotion Traverse will enable you to run class 2, ferry and surf your first day on the river!

Running the ledge on the Hiwassee.  5000cfs Running the ledge on the Hiwassee. 5000cfs

With a bit of experience the Traverse can even run some of the harder whitewater.

Nice drop on a SUP. Nice drop on a SUP.

SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  If your looking to get involved the Traverse is agreat way to go.  Retail prices of $399 is hard to beat.  Get a helmet, PFD and paddle and you are ready to go.  

Be sure to check out www.emotionkayaks.com  and don’t forget about Mexico in the winter with  www.kayakhuasteca.com

See you on the river.



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Stand Up Paddling with Riversport.

Aaron wrote 1560 days ago:

This year has been great for SUP in the U.S.  We have more boards than ever to choose from and the mother nature  has been giving us consistent rain.  We had the pleasure of spending a few days in Pennsylvania and while there we visited the good folks at  Emotion Kayaks and Riversport School of Paddling.

Riversport has a great location in Confluence PA.  They are on the banks of the Middle Yough and 3 minutes from the Casselman.  Erica and Andy Smith are the owners and also have the Lucky Dog Cafe.

Andy took us to the Casselman with a flow of 5 to 6 feet.  It was running high and fast when we got to the put in.

img_5106-1024x683The Casselman has good flow all year.  We happened to catch it with a great amount of water.  We put the skegs on the Traverse and hit the water.

img_5113-1024x682Andy on the Traverse.

IR and Riversport hooked us up with dry gear.  The weather was a balmy 50 degrees, water 50 and the wind was gusting 50 as well.

img_5138-1024x771We found some amazing wave trains and huge holes.  The wind was blowing so hard we almost couldn’t leave the eddies.


It took us about 1.5 hours to do the run.  Lots of tributaries with waterfalls could be seen as we descended the canyon.

Traverse SUP BoardsIt was a great day and perfect levels for the SUP First descent of the Upper Casselman.  I can’t wait to get back up there and run it with different flows this summer.

See you on the river!


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