Water….please give us some water!!!!!!

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Ellie is having a stellar year, becoming a better paddler with every session!


There is no other way to describe the summer that the Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers are facing. For anyone reading this far from our Central Ontario home, things are PRETTY dry this year. Environment Canada has declared official drought conditions in various Ontario regions, including the area northeast of Toronto where our club regularly paddles and meets for our World Kayak-related Fun Runs. Unfortunately, the lack of water has put a cramp in the type of events that we regularly hold – in fact, it’s so dry that it’s the first year that anyone no one has run the dam that is a big part of our whitewater playground at Burleigh Falls.

The always gut checking, rock filled “Sketchy Left”!

Despite the low weather  limiting what we can do with the river, we’ve seen a consistent number of between 12-14 paddlers turning up each week to tune their eddying, ferrying and narrow, rocky (and shallow) creeking skills. A bonus has been the appearance of great boof ledge at the bottom of the falls, that is normally totally covered in fast flowing water. It’s been a great place for many to work on their boof technique without any big consequences. One unexpected result of the low water has been an increased number of swimmers at the bottom of the falls, as a result of getting pinned against an unforgiving rock ledge – a pretty tough place to roll up sometimes!

Marcie showing the ropes to future club leader Lexi

Weather can change and we’re hoping for the best before too long. We’re all giving thanks that the Ottawa River, with it’s reliable, warm flows, is less than 4 hours away.

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