JAW Demo at the Paddle In Pink Confidence Series: Dirty Bird

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When: June 24, 2017 @ 10:30 A.M.

Where: NOC Outpost on the Pigeon River

Who: Presented by Paddle in Pink for the ladies!


Ladies get out your playboats and your slicey boats, Paddle in Pink is putting on its 3rd annual Dirty Bird Confidence Series.  Come on out and join Crystal Gustin, Nikki Winkler Malatin and Katie Dean for this fun day on the Pigeon River Gorge!!  They will be guiding you down the river and showing you how to play your way down the river.

Last year was a big success with over 20 women learning how to get vertical and throw about in a playboat. This year the format will be very similar to last year; we will divide into two groups: short  playboats and slicey get vertical boats. If we have the interest, we will send a group directly down to the hole at NOC and work on park-n-play moves. Team members from Dagger, Pyranha and Jackson will lead the groups down the pigeon and instruct rock splats, eddie line squirts, surfing, loops and any request you want to throw at them.

The groups will progress to the NOC play hole where music and SweetWater beer will be enjoyed. A friendly competition will be in store to show off any move you would like to showcase. Pretty or otherwise.

The day will conclude with a raffle of prizes by various sponsors. This year the top prize will be an Orion cooler loaded with SweetWater Brewing Beer that is in Paddle in Pink colors, hot pink and black! All proceeds will go to a local animal shelter in memory of Jennifer Watson (our inspiration behind Paddle In Pink).

Please invite your friends!

Facebook event website for all the latest 411: https://www.facebook.com/events/772239839602140/

Don’t have a playboat or a slicey boat?  The Jackson Action Wagon is looking forward to supporting the event with FREE Jackson Kayak demos on-site!

Sponsors: Jackson Kayak, Orion Coolers, SweetWater Brewing Company and Kokatat

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NoliFest Was Gnarly!

wildwildwes wrote 293 days ago:

The third annual 2017 NoliFest was so much fun on and off the river!  We were blessed with rain in the week leading up to the event and had some high river levels to enjoy the might Nolichucky River.  River trips were enjoyed by many paddling groups both in the gorge and on the lower .  We saw river levels from over 7,000 CFS on Friday to 2,400 CFS on Sunday!

There was lots to do off the river too for folks attending the event!  The vendor area was filled with many paddling and outdoor businesses/organizations representing.  Several tasty food vendors were on site.  There were many other activities going on throughout the weekend: One Wheel demos/race, SUP jousting, bands, trail run, kids nature scavenger hunt, SUP yoga & race, AT hike, kids fishing derby, fly fishing lessons & fireworks.  There was a  ton of fun to be had for sure!  USA Raft & Mountain River Guides did a stellar job of hosting and organizing everything!

The Jackson Action Wagon was proud to be a part of NoliFest again this year!  It has been amazing to watch this event grow each year!  The J.A.W. had a great demo/showcase event for Jackson Kayak on Saturday of the festival!  We raised $782 for Camp Bays Mountain in a raffle to give away a #JKAntix!! Congrats to Will Saylor as our lucky winner of the new boat.

Nolifest for the win! Enjoy this quick recap video and see you next year:



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The JAW is Giving Away a JK Antix at NoliFest!

wildwildwes wrote 300 days ago:

Where: USA Raft – 2 Jones Branch Rd, Erwin, Tennessee 37650

Check out all the announcements of event sponsors, bands, demos and more at:

http://www.nolifest.com/home.html and https://www.facebook.com/Nolifest/

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2017 JAW Fleet Rolls into Action!

wildwildwes wrote 302 days ago:

Are you ready for FREE Jackson Kayak demos in 2017?  They’re here now!

Check out the full fleet on the Jackson Action Wagon page: http://worldkayakblogs.com/wildwildwes/the-jaw/

You can see more photos of the new fleet on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1267105856701809.1073741837.615362971876104&type=1&l=6ab8db7104

Schedule your FREE demo soon! :-)

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What Jackson Kayak would you like to paddle in 2017?

wildwildwes wrote 336 days ago:

The Jackson Action Wagon’s is in its 11th year of spreading kayaking fun by providing FREE JK demos on the traveling showcase trailer. :-)

I am now taking suggestions for what JK whitewater, fishing/hunting , recreation/touring, kids kayaks or SUP’s you would like to see stocked in the 2017 J.A.W. Fleet.  Take a look at all the current products we are offering this year with the link below and let me know your thoughts by 3/1/2017:


I already have a Antix M, Antix L, Karma Md and Karma Unlimited (UL) in stock.  This leaves me with about 6-8 more spots for boats on the JAW, so let me hear your suggestions to help stock the fleet!  I plan to pick-up the new fleet at the factory toward the end of March, so stay tuned for new JK demos coming to the Tri-Cities soon!

Click on this link http://worldkayakblogs.com/wildwildwes/contact-me/ to send me JK suggestions.  Thanks for any input you give!

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JK Antix Large Initial Thoughts as a Big Guy

wildwildwes wrote 347 days ago:

I got to paddle the new JK Antix L for the first time at our local pool session on the evening of 2/7/17.  Here are my first thoughts after paddling this new design:

Fit – At my 6’-4” height, 235lbs, 38” waist, 36” inseam, and size 12 shoes I fit quite comfortably in the boat.  My hips are a bit snug for my wide frame, but not as snug as in my JK ROCKSTAR Lg for sure.  This is the only fit issue I have with the boat.  I’ve got room to spare in all other areas. 

The knee position feels to be around what I consider mid height and a bit more narrow than my JK Zen Lg.  Overall I really like how my knees fit. 

Seat height feels good in comparison to the parting line in the water and the sidewall reach over sits at about the same distance as my JK Zen Lg, which I like that position.  The 4Fun seems to have a bit more reach over than both these boats due to the taller sidewalls.   

I placed the seat in the rear position to see how much leg and foot room I have to play with and I can paddle the boat in the rear position and one hole forward from the rear with the stock 1.5” foam on the bulk head.  I can comfortably wear my Astral Loyak or Hiyak in the boat in either seat position.  Not sure if I could wear my Chaco Tedinho in the boat with its bulkier sole?

Float – I float surprisingly well in the boat.  I initially thought I would be maxing out the boat at my weight, but I have about 1.5” between the parting line and waterline at the cockpit area of the boat.

With the seat position in the rear the boat trims out a bit stern heavy and the bow trim is high, but the deck still floats above the water line when sitting flat.   When I have the boat in motion and lean back I can get part of the stern to dip down under water.

 With the seat position one up from the rear the boat trims out closer to level from bow to stern, but I’m still floating bow high.

I plan to try out both positions to see which works best on the river.

Stability – This was the area in the new boat design that shocked me!  The boat has very solid initial stability both sitting and paddling the boat around the pool.  This instantly gave me confidence for its river running/creeking abilities.  The secondary stability is a fine line for sure on edge.  The Antix has a short sidewall, compared to other JK designs, so naturally there is not as much secondary stability.   

Performance – The boat gets up to speed quick with only a couple of strokes and is quick, but it is not Zen or 9R fast for sure.  The boat is super zippy in the turns.  When you activate the edges in a turn the Antix responses!  There is plenty of volume up front to keep you riding high at speed and the slicey edges in the back act like a slalom boat in the turns!  The ride is incredible overall!!

Rolling – It’s a Jackson Kayak, so you know careful consideration went into this design on this aspect.  I found no major issue in rolling the boat.  The lesser sidewall reach made it easy for me to setup and execute the maneuver with ease.

There is more initial resistance in breaking the surface tension when initiating the roll.  I think this is due to the spoon shape design of the stern.  The lesser secondary stability also makes you stay on point with your follow through also.   

Summary – This Anitx is truly unique from anything JK has ever produced!  I thought the Fun Runner might be comparable, but they are nothing alike.  I am overall happy with the general fit and float of the boat at my size.  I can’t wait to get it out on some flow to see what I can do with it there to truly try out the stability and performance.  Could it be the best Watauga Gorge playboat ever?!  We soon will see…

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Wesley’s 2016 Rain Gauge Report

wildwildwes wrote 385 days ago:

The link below is to a spread sheet for my rain gauge I have installed at my house.  It’s a really nice gauge and it measures precipitation to the nearest 1/100th of an inch.  2016 was a little below average since I started recording daily rain amounts, but not far off normal.  Click the link below to view the spread sheet:



Yearly Rain Amount Total History:

  • 2013 = 58.50″
  • 2014 = 41.16″
  • 2015 = 52.07″
  • 2016 = 42.59″

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2016 J.A.W. End of Season SALE!

wildwildwes wrote 512 days ago:

The Jackson Action Wagon has had another great paddling season with free demos & spreading the fun of kayaking.  It is now time to sell the current demo boat fleet to make room for next year’s 2017 fleet!  The Nirvana and Antix models are coming soon!!

Check out the link below for current stock and prices:



All J.A.W. boat purchases include the original outfitting & swag that come with a new Jackson Kayak purchase.  The boats were primarily used in a pool for instruction and river trip demos.  The boats are in like new to very good condition.  I will be happy to send current photos of any boat if requested.

I will be at Gauley Fest & GAF to deliver boats to those locations.  I can also arrange shipping through Forward Air or FedEx if you desire to pay for that service.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a boat purchase from the J.A.W. fleet.  All boats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Wesley R. Bradley – 423-647-1321

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JK Nirvana First Look Comparison with Pyranha 9R

wildwildwes wrote 539 days ago:

There is already a lot of hype building on social media for JK’s new 9′-0″ creek racing boat, the Nirvana, coming out for the 2017 JK lineup!  I can’t wait to check out this boat myself and I’ll get one in the JAW fleet ASAP for folks to demo for FREE also!!  The boat is still in the prototype phase currently as it will be debuted at OR this week.

Shaun Mullins did a great first look comparison top view of the new Jackson Kayak Nirvana coming this fall with the Pyranha Kayaks 9R.

Shaun said, “Okay, since I’m becoming such a fan of faster whitewater kayaks, I’m sort of stoked about the new Jackson Kayak Nirvana.  Lots of people saying “They just copied the 9r”.  The side profile pics aren’t available yet, but it is clearly a significantly different design from the top view.  Overall lengths are the same.  Cockpit location on the nirvana is much further toward the rear vs the 9r, which has a cockpit forward positioning.  Also taper of the nirvana seems to peak at the cockpit, whereas the 9r is widest just behind the cockpit. Another obvious difference is the nirvana is much thinner point in the front and wider than the 9r in the stern.”

These are all great observations by Shaun that show many differences in the designs of each kayaks.

Stephen Wright & Boyd Ruppelt both have commented in this comparison:

Boyd said, “Having paddled the Nirvana… I can tell you that it is FAST and that I’m in LOVE. Definitely some tweeks have happened since I paddled it, but totally different design and actually very unique in terms of Jackson Kayak designs. It’s still a ways off from production I think but these are not copies… the comparisons happen with every new design. These will be very different and very worth the wait.”

Stephen said, “The Nirvana is still in the prototyping phases, so it’s tough to give too many specifics as to what the final will be like. The stated goal of the final version of the Nirvana is to be a fast, forgiving creek boat based on a Zen-like hull concept. We want it to be able to be easy to keep on line, on the surface, and moving fast for paddlers who want a very fast creeker. The photo above just shows one of the prototypes…not the final version, which doesn’t exist yet. We have folks like Dane, Nick, Clay, myself, Boyd, Rush, Isaac, Joe Gudger, and several others paddling prototypes and giving feedback on them. I’m sure that the Nirvana will be both easy to paddle and very fast and fun!”

Are you stoked to check out this new JK design with me and GO FAST!?

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Sneak Peaks of New Jackson Kayaks for 2017!

wildwildwes wrote 540 days ago:

JK will be unveiling two new whitewater kayak designs at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 3-6 this week: the Antix and the Nirvana!!

I am super stoked to check out both of these new designs and look for them in the JAW for FREE demo ASAP!  Stay tuned for more details about these new boats…

Here is the inside info we have so far from Rapid Media on these two new whitewater kayaks:

Antix, Jackson’s playful creeking/river running kayak

The Antix is Jackson’s first ever playable creeking/river running kayak. “It’s a pretty exciting boat for us,” says Eric Jackson.

Designed as a river runner first, the length, volume, and edges are optimized to squirt, be lightweight compared to creek boats and be extremely maneuverable. Paddlers will love this boat on their local runs, replacing the need for a creek boat for many and increasing the fun factor with its playable features. The Antix is 45 pounds, with a width of 25” and a length of 7’4”.

Eric Jackson says that the Antix is a great boat to have because it gives kayakers one boat that they can do it all in. “You can run the river as confidently as you would in a creek boat but still have some fun.”

Antix features include:

  • Short, slicey ends that allow for squirting, splatting, and down river fun
  • Planing hull for great surfing, spinning and stability
  • Uni-shock bulkhead system and U-Channel track for quick adjustment and to protect paddler and kayak
  • Available in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large.

The Antix delivers a great experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced kayakers who want to take advantage of river features, technical rapids, downstream play moves and easy paddling.

Jackson’s race-ready Nirvana

Jackson Kayak is also introducing the Nirvana, a fast, race ready creeking boat designed to move kayakers through rapids quickly and with control.

Eric Jackson says they have been observing a trend in the marketplace of people paddling faster boats, and combined with the amount of racing the Jackson Kayak team is doing, the Nirvana seemed like a great fit. “It works really well for the high end and the beginner or intermediate,” he says.

The hull shares much of the Zen’s user-friendliness while the massive amount of rocker keeps the bow dry and clear of holes and waves. Racers will like paddling such a user-friendly and confidence-inspiring design in the 9-foot category. The Nirvana has high-end speed in the rapids and is perfect if you want to go fast but don’t plan on racing. The Nirvana is 48 pounds, 25.5” wide and 9’ long.

Nirvana features include:

  • User-friendly hull shape that allows racers to focus on their line and going fast versus just trying to keep the boat under control.
  • Ample stability to eliminate unwanted bracing and increase forward paddling time.
  • Unishock Bulkhead for easy adjustment (get super tight for a race, or stay loose for a cruise) and for safety.
  • Rocker profile allows for both a fast boat in pools and easy boofing.


Both kayaks will be available Fall 2016.


JK will also be unveiling two new recreational kayak designs at OR this week: the Tripper T and the Tupelo LT!!

Let me know if you want to demo one of these new designs in the 2017 JAW.

Here is the inside info we have so far from Rapid Media on these two new recreational kayaks:

Jackson Kayak’s New Tripper T

The Tripper T tandem sit-in recreational kayak from Jackson Kayak is a versatile and stable general-purpose kayak for beginner to expert recreational paddlers. The Tripper T provides a comfortable, fast ride for two with easy entry or can be used by a solo kayaker providing ample storage. The Tripper T is 84 pounds, 33” wide and 14’8” long.

“We know there’s a market for tandem boats,” says Jackson’s Joe Pulliam. He says the Tripper T is a great option for paddlers who want something high quality and may or may not be interested in fishing from their kayak. “Paddle around the lake, go fishing, spend the night, bring the dog.”

Tripper T specs:

  • Sit-inside design providing a lower center of gravity than sit-on-tops and better protection from weather
  • Open cockpit design making entry/exit and shouldering easier and minimizes weight
  • Open cockpit design allows for ample area for gear, dogs or extra passengers
  • YakAttack track systems to add accessories within reach or customize seating configuration
  • Elite Seat System with Hi-Low seating


Jackson Kayak’s New Tupelo LT

Jackson’s second new offering is the Tupelo LT, a lightweight, thermoformed version of the popular Tupelo recreational kayak series. “The Tupelo is by far the most popular rec boat Jackson has ever produced,” says Jackson’s Joe Pulliam. Pulliam explains that Jackson combined the success of the Tupelo with the market demand for lighter kayaks to produce the LT version. This ultra-light version is comfortable, loaded with features and ideal for those looking for an all-around boat that’s light, comfortable and easy to use. The Tupelo LT is 35 pounds, 28” wide and 12’2” long.

Tupelo LT specs:

  • Lightweight at 35 lbs.(40 lbs. with seat) for gliding and transporting with ease
  • Sit-inside design provides a lower center of gravity than sit-on-tops and offers better protection from weather
  • Open cockpit design for easier entry/exit, easier to shoulder and minimizes weight
  • Large cockpit design allows ample area for gear, dogs or extra passengers
  • Stern hatch and bulkhead storage to secure gear. Hatch has rubber seal to keep water out
  • Elite Seat System with Hi-Low and movable foot pegs for customized comfort
  • Grab handles for easy transporting
  • Standard accessories like a water bottle holder with Nalgene® bottle and screwed-in insert mount for Go Pro® cameras in several locations around the kayak
  • Outfitted with YakAttack track systems to add accessories within easy reach
  • Also available in Realtree AP® Camouflage

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