Final Reno HTTD of 2016

tommygunn wrote 946 days ago:

After 3 years of low to no water…

2016 saw five great Hometown throwdowns, an awesome US Freestyle championships at the Reno River Festival, and the return of everyone’s favorite creek runs in the Sierras.  World Kayak hosts events around the world but here in Reno we’ve seen a great comradery built from these events over the past few years. One of the big drivers of this has been the support of Ninkasi Brewery, who has provided specialty libations that keeps everyone hanging out for hours after each throwdown.

This year we had 3 freestyle events at the Reno whitewater park and 2 races at the Floriston rapids.  The final event involved the sum of 2 runs down the 2-minute course which involved a backwards ferry across the river, mandatory gate and big boof at the crux of the run.

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