Kokatat Outercore Habanero Liner Review

wildwildwes wrote 279 days ago:

The best piece of cold gear I’ve used for my winter warmth!

Product website: https://kokatat.com/product/outercore-habanero-liner-inuhab

The Habanero is not your average onesie.  This new one-piece liner is full of technical paddling specific features to match up with all Kokatat dry suits and most other current dry suit designs, including Kokatat’s Switchzip suits.  I’ve also found great use of this liner as a mid-layer for alpine skiing.

You can use the liner as base-layer or mid-layer thanks to the high quality fabric construction.  The main fabric is a 4-way stretch 90% polyester 10% spandex with heavyweight recycled Polartec® PowerDry®.  The fabric of the underarms, cuffs, neck and ankles is a 4-way stretch 92% polyester 8% spandex with lighter weight Polartec® grid fleece ensures unrestricted movement at our pivot point while paddling.  The Velour back of the liner provides extra warmth and superior moisture transportation compared to other liners I have tried in the past.  This combination of fabrics makes for a nice breathable, but seriously warm suit!  I’m a warm natured big guy, so I don’t even think about putting on this liner unless it is at least in the 30’s.

The jersey face of the fabric enables smooth layering with other garment with its smooth finish.  The suit features flat-stitch seams throughout for comfort of wear.  The jersey face and flat-stitching make for a durable suit that can withstand the test of time and washing.

The liner has several great features in comparison to other onesies on the market:

The entire suit is contoured to fit your body better with the body mapped design.  This makes for a warm comfortable trim fit with no extra bulk.

The long front entry zipper is easy to get in and out of when dressing.  There is no need to ever worry about stretching out the neck with this suit entry system.

The second waist zipper acts as a drop seat for rear relief option.  There is also a flap fly for front relief option.  This relief system is compatible with all Kokatat dry suits (including SwithZip).  It also keeps you from having to remove your dry suit most the way off and freezing to death when having to go #2 in the wild.

The zippered chest pocket located on the left front of the liner is a handy for carrying small items.  You never have to worry about losing items in this pocket, since it has a zipper and typically under another layer.  I like to place my skull cap in it when there are days I’m not sure I’m going to have to wear it.

At the end of the wrist cuffs you will find a pair of thumb holes.  This feature help keep the sleeves in place when layering over the liner with your dry suit.  This also make the cuffs act as a toasty half mitt to keep you warm while at camp or loading your boat at the take-out.

Laundering the liner is super easy.  Wash it when it smells.  Throw it in a machine warm water wash all zipped up and hang dry.  Make sure not to use any fabric softener or bleach in the wash. Don’t iron it either… Really, who would do that anyway?

If you’re looking for the perfect liner suit to compliment you dry suite, look no further!  Kokatat has nailed it with this design.  It has superior warmth, does not limit any articulation and breaths well if you start to perspire in it.  I highly recommend checking it out at your local Kokatat dealer and try on your size.  I think you’ll see why it’s my new favorite piece of winter gear!

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West Fork Tuckasegee at 3.0′ = $$$

wildwildwes wrote 832 days ago:

Thank you Duke Energy for the extra 6″ of flow on WFT on 7/2/16!  It made the run a lot better!!  Good times, good times!!!

I got my PFD of the West Fork Tuck back in July 2013. The level was 2.4′ that day.  I thought the run could use more water to be really good.  I’ve ran it at least 4 more times since then from 2013-2015 in the 2.4′-2.6′ range and every time I get off the run I would think to myself this run would be really good at 3.0′.

Well I got my wish this past Saturday when Duke opened the gates a little more to give us a perfect 3.0′ level on the take-out bridge gauge.  The second part of the Mini Gorge was stout for sure with much sticker holes, but it padded out the rest of the run to make a really good run!  It really made for good padded lines on both sides of Flight Simulator!!

I had some good times leading Eric Mckeehan, Jerry Stevenson, Marty Vaughn & Ryan Horn on their PFD’s of the run and thanks to Jeff Vannoy, Bill Finger and & Nathan Vannoy for the support for the first timers. Thanks also to Kirk Eddlemon for helping our first timers get lined up good at Flight Simulator. That saved us a difficult scout.

Check out Eric’s Video of our trip:


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Kentucky Life’s The Lord of the Fork Video

wildwildwes wrote 960 days ago:

Here is a great video on one of my favorite kayak events of the year, the Russell Fork “Lord of the fork” Race! They filmed some of this footage during the 2015 race and I got a carnage cameo @ 3:41 in it from my flip over at the bottom of El Horrendo.

YouTube Preview Image

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Join Us at GAF River Church

wildwildwes wrote 1121 days ago:

River of Life has been established for 8 years now on the Nantahala River and will be hosting a special Guest Appreciation Festival service on Sunday morning at 8:30 A.M. on the porch of the Nantahala BBQ & Brew (Located on the river left bank adjacent from the NOC Outfitters Store on river right).  We want this Sunday’s River of Life service to be the biggest ever, so come join Rev. Wayner for this special time!

River of Life will also be working on a special mission project during GAF weekend.

This year our goal is Three Wells in a Weekend!


If you would like to give a monetary or gear donation for this mission bring it by the River of Life tent during the festival.


For more info about River of Life check out this article published in the Huffington Post:


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WK “Am I ready for the Gauley?” Guided Trip

wildwildwes wrote 1529 days ago:

image004For the eighth year running World Kayak wants to help boaters answer this very important question.  Pairs of world class guides will once again volunteer their time to help boaters step it up on this amazing river.  Each team of guides will work with a group of 5 first timers to ensure that we have the most fun possible on the Gauley.  If you are lucky enough to win one of the coveted spots get ready to learn all of the lines and play spots that the Gauley has to offer.

Boaters who have never boated a section (Lower or Upper) of the Gauley may apply for one of the spots for our trip on Saturday 9/20/2014.  You will simply need to send an email with you paddling resume to colin@worldkayak.com.  Please include a list of the runs you have paddled, along with the flow, and some of the more challenging lines you have attempted on those runs.  Also include the section of the Gauley that you wish to apply for as well as your phone number.  We will give you a shout and talk about your boating and work together to decide if you are ready to give the Gauley a shot.  Names of approved applicants will be drawn at random to fill the available slots on 9/10/13, and the winners will be notified immediately.  Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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18th Annual GREEN RACE “Adults Only” Info

wildwildwes wrote 1828 days ago:

Its the most wonderful time of the year!  GREEN RACE time!  

Registration is OPEN: $20 bib deposit required, refundable upon return

–Schedule Of Events–

Green Race Halloween Costume Party and Movie Premiere
What: AMONGSTiT Film Premiere, Costume Contest, Good Beer, Parteee
When: Thursday October 31st, 7PM-????
Where: Highland Brewery (12 Old Charlotte Hwy Asheville, NC 28803)
5 door

Green River Narrow Race
What: The Greatest Show in All of Sports
When: Racer Meeting Saturday 10:30AM at Green River Access Fund Parking Lot
Race Starts at High Noon
Where: Green River Narrows

Green Race Awards Party
What: Awards Party
When: 6PM-11PM, Saturday Nov 2nd.
Where: Downtown Saluda NC, Behind Thompson Wards Grill
10 door (includes: music, video, Ravago beer ticket, $3 beers all night)

Check out the video for all the 411:

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