Community Video Contest

There are little rules for this contest other than the following:

  • The video needs to be posted to or similar service for submission … so has to be the right format for that.  Please see for the formats they support.
  • Must be submitted before August 1, 2009
  • You must not kill, maim or otherwise injure innocent animals or beings of any kind… humans, fine, other than that, please keep our Earth happy.
  • You can submit more than one per community, but don’t go too silly in submitting the same old stuff many times.  If you do, you’ll piss us off and we’ll edit your film to make you look sillier.
  • If its long, make it good ;-)

Here’s what we want:

  • Show us your communities, people and rivers!
  • Give us an idea of what your paddling lifestyle is like, what your rivers are like, who is having fun in your area and what you all do for fun!
  • Involve just you, or better still, get as many out as possible
  • It can be one big choreographed show involving many in a boat at one time or it can be snippets of all your buddies doing their best.
  • Put it to music and feel free to add any color commentary
  • Add some color to it… showing us what you and the rest of your paddling community does off the river.
  • Show us your town, city or region … bring us into your community with this video.
  • Give us an idea of what your made of, what you folks care about in your region… environment, having fun, shooting things, driving cars on the wrong side of the road… you know…
  • It has to be uploaded to YouTube and/or posted to your blog.  If you don’t have a blog, send it to us at and we’ll post it up.
  • It can be funny, serious, instructional, adventurous, a murder mystery, a documentary on nose plugs, a Shakespearean sonnet, a rock show … IT NEEDS TO ENTERTAIN!

What do you win?

You will be sent prizes for your community… yup, a good bunch of stuff for you to give away to your buds and to those who participated in the video!  Check it:

  • 7 pairs of Smith Optics Method sunglasses.
  • 6 Smith Optics hats
  • 10 Kayaking instructional DVDs from Jackson Kayaks
  • 1 Large Jackson Kayaks shirt
  • 1 Kid’s Large Jackson Kayaks shirt
  • 3 pair MION flippers
  • 4 subscriptions to kayak magazines
  • Free custom blogspot for your community at

How to enter

  1. Do the video
  2. Post the video up at YouTube or somewhere similar (we need to be able to embed the video).
  3. Feel free to start a blog and post your video at
  4. Submit the video’s URL/web address to us via the form provided on this site. (


This contest starts NOW (January 1, 2009) ends August 1st, 2009… start submitting!