Why Participate?

World Kayak believes that for our sport to grow, we must increase community participation in events, contests, video premieres, Throwdowns and other such fun stuff.  The more active you are as a community, the more your activities attract attention locally and our sport becomes more visible to the non-paddling population around us and we generate interest in our sport as a result.

People seeing us having fun generates the feeling of dread in not being a part of the fun… next thing you know, they’re in a boat!

The other part of the fun is introducing other paddlers to your region, its rivers, your personalities and local flavor.  This stimulates interest in your community and brings the fun of getting to know others into the mix.

Our video contests over the next few years will stir up all of this and allow us to hold a camera for some fun community activity… as we continue, we will see more and more profiles of your regions, your people and your rivers… a great big video journal of our industry.