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The Dynamic Duo and the East Branch of the North Feather


This past weekend I was able to take my dad out for his second kayaking river trip ever.  We had a great flow of 1350 cfs and we were lucky enough to see a family of river otters.  I love the fact that the duo has allowed me to show my dad and others a part of my world that he would never have been able to see otherwise.

My first weekend in the Villain


So, I am super lucky.  I got my Villain, the big one, and I was able to get it out on a few classic runs.  Both Hope and I got to try out our new Villains on Chamberlin falls and I got to go on 49 to B as well.  I am continuing to play with the Go Pro.  I think I am finally starting to get it figured out.  Enjoy the Video!

New POV video from 49 to B on the South Yuba


This is my first go with my new Go Pro camera. I am having a blast with it and will have another video soon featuring the new Villain.  Enjoy