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Mt. Rose Snow Boatercross


2010 076The event was unreal!  I first of all need to say thanks to Jim Lichfield of Fluid Concepts and Mike Pierce from Mt. Rose for making this event a reality.  We were able to design a course that was not only safe, but it kicked butt as well.  It was fast with a pair of nice big burmed turns and a few rollers.  16 brave kayakers decided to beat the run off and get the goods while they were still solid.  The big drama of the day was when Pete DeLosa crashed through the safety fence and started down into the Winter’s creek gully.  Due to the hard work of the Mt. Rose ski patrol the fence did it’s job and slowed him down.  In the end Jr. World Champion Jason Craig was in first, World Champion Nick Troutman was in second, I was in third, and World Kayak ambassador Brian Tupper was in fourth.  I just got a go pro so here is my first attempt at editing video.  Thanks to Emily Jackson for the photo.

Snow Boatercross 2010 at Mt. Rose


snowboatercross2010-003I just got home and I could not wait to let everyone know how sick it is to get to take your kayak out on a groomed slope at a real ski mountain.  I have been skiing at Mt. Rose for years and it is a great local mountain just a few minutes from my front door.  This evening I got to go up and help lay out the course for the boatercross this Saturday.  All we did today was take the boats up the hill a few times to see how fast we would be going and how far up the slop we needed to start.  Even going straight was a blast!  If you are interested in getting one of the open slots for this saturday email me at and we will get you squared away.

The 2010 Throwdown Season


It is that time of year again when my garage looks more like a distribution warehouse than a garage.  I just finished sorting out and shipping this year’s prizes to all of the generous ambassadors, who make these great events happen by volunteering their time.  This is our third year of the Hometown Throwdowns and we continue to get bigger and better each year.

Let’s get started with the prizes, because I know that is what most of you really care about.  I am pleased to let you know that all of our strongest supports are back again even in this terrible economy.  Immersion research, Jackson kayak, Smith Optics, and Mtn. Khakis have been supporting the Thowdowns from year one.  They were willing to take a chance on an idea and a hope to do something great for the different kayaking communities across the globe.  Thanks for your foresight.  Without it we could have never gotten this thing off the ground.  Rapid Transit Media is back on board for a second year and for all you WK members out there keep your eyes open.  There will be a special deal coming for you from Rapid Transit.  Last but certainly not least, I am very pleased to announce that Kokatat has joined forces with WK this year.  Make sure you get out to your first local Throwdown of the year to see what we are doing with the Kokatat prizes.

When we first started the throwdowns we managed to host 65 events in our first year.  Last year we put together a series of 135 events!  That was a big jump to say the least.  We are looking to improve upon that a bit for this year as well.  We will be returning to all of the communities that we were active in last year, and we will be adding a bunch more.  This year you can see new regions all over the place.  We will be hosting new regions from Kentucky and Scudder’s Falls in the East to The Hydrotherapy sessions in Spokane Washington and Bend Oregon in the West.  We will also be hosting a number of events in Texas and Oklahoma!  WK is also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to partner with a number of fantastic events.  We have been partnered with the original Maryland Chute Out, this is where it all began, and the Golden Community Series since we got started.  We also partner with a number of other community events around the globe.  This year we are also getting involved with the Professor Paddle Ball and the Hydrotherapy Sessions in Washington State.

YouTube Preview Image

Not only have the number of events that our ambassadors host grown, but last year we started to mix things up with the style of events we run.  This all started a few years back at the WW Symposium in Maryland.  James and I were there to introduce WK to the leaders of the educational kayaking community.  For the first two days of the event Joe Jacobi kept harassing me to attend his Slalom Survivor workshop on the water.  I kept saying yeah we will see, and honestly I was not sure what I would be doing in that time block.  In the end I decided I needed to get out of the classroom and get on the water.  That was one of the best decisions I made at that particular symposium.  I was introduced to Slalom Survivor, and I had the most fun in a kayaking event that I had had in a long time.  As I participated it was really cool to see that Joe had done a similar face lift to slalom as we had done to freestyle.  Take a look at this great video Joe and Bob put together that explains slalom survivor. Last year WK ambassadors hosted close to 40 slalom survivor events that were part of the Hometown Throwdowns.

It is about time for me to stop rambling about kayaking, so I will leave you with just a few more thoughts.  I am amazed at the generosity of our ambassadors who volunteer their time to help make their kayaking communities a better place.  This spring alone I have had 5 more boaters contact me asking how they can get their community involved.  I know that I am a selfish boater and I enjoy my time on the river.  It blows my mind that with nothing to gain from getting involved they keep on coming and stay involved.  I am proud to work with all of my ambassadors to bring you this year’s Hometown Throwdowns.  Go to to see what is going on in the throwdown world and to register for an event close to you.