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Cataract Canyon Spring Break Trip

March 31st, 2008 by bozemankayaker

cataract canyon

A trip that is quickly becoming tradition is our Cataract Canyon spring break trip, which went down the second week in March down yonder in Utah near Moab.  It is a five day trip (can do it longer too) down Cataract Canyon on the Colorado river.


It is about 90 miles of pure bliss,  with 16 people, 6 rafts, an awesome amount of beer, and 5 days of beautiful canyon.  The trip began at Potash, our put-in, and as we pushed off the group had a celebratory “toast” to the next 5 days of sun filled debauchery.

booty beer

The first two days are filled with breath-taking scenery.  High cliff walls, arches, incredible geography, and raptors soaring high above fill the day as the group floats the flatwater.  At night we celebrate life, dancing and singing out of key around the campfire.  The mornings are a haggard afair as we try to rally the troups and gear up the boats, but we recover our minds and set out for more wild times.  By the third day the rapids appear, and smiles are on everyone’s faces.  My favorite part of the trip is day 3. 

brown town blunt

We camp at a giant beach with two canyons stradling the surging brown river with one of the most epic waves around sitting perfectly at our front porch.  As we surf into the sunset, the pure extacy of life is truly found.  The wave, the canyon, the people… it is an unforgettable time of my life. 

The fourth day has the largest drops in it, culminating with the “Big Drop” rapids.  They have been known to be raft flippers, especially at hight water, but nonetheless they are a riot!  We finish day four with smiles ear to ear posted up on everyone’s face and stories to be told about the origins of each one.  The last day is a sad yet beautiful float to Lake Powell.  For those five days on the river I truly feel at home.  The rest of the world moves so fast, and people often forget who they really are!  Being on that river brings a smile to my face, and I feel life is simpler, love is easier, and I am happier than I’ ve ever been.  I guess you could say I, like many of you, belong on the river as River Rat.

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