Bluegrass Whitewater

First Bluegrass Whitewater WK Event!
May 5, 2010, 7:59 am
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Jbob and I have been having so much fun this spring. In fact we have been having a blast for the past two years and thought that everyone should do so as well. Last Thursday night was a step in that direction.

Earlier that 29th of April, me and my companion scurried deep into the Elkhorn Gorge to set up some buoys in S-turn rapid in preparation for the Survivor Slalom Challenge later that evening.  We identified some features in the rapid so that we could describe the course and rules to the competitors.

Jimi Smith

Jimi Smith

“We had the contestants start at the top of the rapid where I had set up the buoys” said Jason (Jbob) Bailey. “They earned points for catching key eddies, catching waves and style.”

Participants met at the Elkhorn Acres parking lot @ 6:15, or at the put-in @ 6:30. We were fortunate enough to have an innocent bystander (Dave Margavage) to help us with our shuttle so we could  “Elkhorn Lite”  (takeout at Softley’s).

The event commenced  with a surfing display at Church Ledge. Past NPFF director Todd Garland won with over 20 flatspins! This portion was judged by scoring each 180 degree rotation of the boat while staying in the feature. Barry Sipple styled his Ace 4.7 as runner up.

We paddled on down to the slalom location and with only enough delay to get Judge Jbob into position to score the challenge. Everyone did great, but Todd managed to stay in the lead and accumulate the most points.

After all this, we doled out the prizes at random. Some folks walked off with some pretty fancy schwag items like a pair of Smith Sunglasses, a Shred Ready shirt, hats and stickers. Not bad for our first time!

Thanks to everyone that made it! The next World Kayak Event will be next Thursday, May 13th. I will plan on the Elkhorn Creek if it is above 400 cfs. Same time, same place. In the event of no water, lets meet at Riptides on the River (currently Riptide’s in the River) for some knot tying, throw bag cornhole, and some spiffy flatwater games that are not lame.



Todds @ Church

Todds' @ Church

National Paddling Film Festival
March 1, 2010, 11:08 pm
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Last year the BWA held elections to decide the different officers for the club. There are quite a few jobs.  There were two choices for President, but beyond that, if you want the job, it’s yours. And if you don’t want it, well, we might just make you take it.

If you were at the NPFF last weekend (February 27-28) you would of never guessed that is how event director, Brandon Jett, came to be in charge.

I prodded Brandon to remember his sandbagging in an email: “Actually I do remember reading on the Forum when I was in Colorado…the results of the elections.  I saw I was the new NPFF Director after asking to withdraw my name as a canidate (I don’t think he was present when we nominated him)…” “My reply was one word.  ‘Interesting…’”.

Brandon Jett NPFF  Director

Brandon Jett NPFF Director

The Buffalo Trace Distillery, near Frankfort, KY was again the location for this year’s NPFF. Festivities started Friday night with all the beer and food one cared for with the price of admission. There were drawings for scwag between the films that were being shown in each room. You can watch in the bar, downstairs in the hall, or on the huge screen in the theater.

upstairs theater

upstairs theater

paddle porn in bar

paddle porn in bar

It was like when a couple of your friends come over and you watch all of your paddling dvds except there are a lot more people and places to sit. And you haven’t watched them twenty times already.

I hear there was some after hours parting at a nearby bar, but I checked out early. The next morning was the First Annual “Not NPFF” race!

The race was a complete success. I am not giving any of it away. Dot, Adeom, and  I got a head start and shot video of the racers at Railroad, Lunchstop and the finish. It should be up Tuesday or Wednesday. I know its hard to wait, but be strong.

Here are some Pictures from the rest of the day. You can view the entire alblum here.

Clay Warren was the Winner of the "Not NPFF" race

Clay Warren was the Winner of the "Not NPFF" race. He is pictured with and his prizes.

Fred Tuttle donated a huge amout of retro boating gear to distribute amongst the particapants. Jbob scored a nice bag with a couple of LC 1 skirts that are in better shape than some of mine.

Andi scored a few pairs of booties. Size 13's!

Andi lucked out with a few pairs of booties. Size 13's!

1 – Clay Warren (BWA) Speeder 32:40
2 – Dave Thomas (BWA) glass boat 33:16
3 – John Mello (BWA) sea kayak 33:21
4 – Brian Mattingly (Viking) red green boat 33:31
5 – Delaney Albright (Viking) red green boat 33:37
6 – J Bob (BWA) glass boat 33:41
7 – Jim Gunn (Viking) glass boat 33:44
8 – Fred Tuttle (BWA) glass sea kayak 33:55
9 – Todd Schindler (Viking) glass boat 34:35
10 – Dan Coaplen (Viking) dancer 34:39

Even the Vikings had a good time despite their defeat

Even the Vikings had a good time despite their defeat

Team Scores: BWA  20, Vikings 35, TRR  152, CRKC , 159.  BWA sets the pace for this year!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day.Thanks to all involved.The seed has been planted.This is destined to become an annual event, that will grow well into the future.”  Dan (from the Viking forum).

After the race we returned to the Distillery for the Chili Cook-off. I was on kitchen duty then. There has been plenty of trash talk over who was going to win this past month, and YT was able to back up his claims of the master of the pot. Way to go YT!

" I am YT hear me roar" chili cook off winner

" I am YT hear me roar"

Dinner and beer was included in the ticket

Dinner and beer was included in the ticket

There was a Silent Auction with items from the NPFF sponsors. All proceeds will go for river conservation and other good causes.

“In the end, it’s all about providing people a really good time so we can raise funds for river conservation “said event coordinator Bethany Overfield. At times it seems like it’s all about floating kegs, but we raised a lot of money this year and I’m so proud to have been involved.”

Bethany and Brandon were the backbone of NPFF this year

Bethany and Brandon were the backbone of NPFF this year

The grand finale of this fine event was the premire of  River Roots new production, Dream Result, hosted by featured paddler and world waterfall record holder Tyler Bradt.

“Having Tyler Bradt introduce the US premiere of Dream Result made for a tremendous show. Who knew he employed accelerometer data to estimate the g forces of waterfall running? Dream Result is sure to be a huge hit – it’s absolutely one of the finest whitewater videos I’ve ever seen ” wrote local boater, Barry Grimes on the BWA forum.

rofessional Documentary – Dougie Down the Pet
Professional Safety/Instructional – Sea Kayaking With Gordon Brown
Professional General – Into Perpetual Ice
Accomplished Documentary – Liquide Norway vs. Massive White Nile
Accomplished General – Cali Love Tour 2009
Amateur Documentary – Wet Dream Result
Amateur General (tie) – Prototype: An Advanced Film About Intermediate Kayaking, The Gnar Gnar

Paddlers Choice – Cali Love Tour 2009
Best of Show – Cali Love Tour 2009

Still Image – Chris Bell – “Commitment”

Feel free to comment! Post your link to your NPFF media or just leave a comment.