Bluegrass Whitewater

First Bluegrass Whitewater WK Event!
May 5, 2010, 7:59 am
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Jbob and I have been having so much fun this spring. In fact we have been having a blast for the past two years and thought that everyone should do so as well. Last Thursday night was a step in that direction.

Earlier that 29th of April, me and my companion scurried deep into the Elkhorn Gorge to set up some buoys in S-turn rapid in preparation for the Survivor Slalom Challenge later that evening.  We identified some features in the rapid so that we could describe the course and rules to the competitors.

Jimi Smith

Jimi Smith

“We had the contestants start at the top of the rapid where I had set up the buoys” said Jason (Jbob) Bailey. “They earned points for catching key eddies, catching waves and style.”

Participants met at the Elkhorn Acres parking lot @ 6:15, or at the put-in @ 6:30. We were fortunate enough to have an innocent bystander (Dave Margavage) to help us with our shuttle so we could  “Elkhorn Lite”  (takeout at Softley’s).

The event commenced  with a surfing display at Church Ledge. Past NPFF director Todd Garland won with over 20 flatspins! This portion was judged by scoring each 180 degree rotation of the boat while staying in the feature. Barry Sipple styled his Ace 4.7 as runner up.

We paddled on down to the slalom location and with only enough delay to get Judge Jbob into position to score the challenge. Everyone did great, but Todd managed to stay in the lead and accumulate the most points.

After all this, we doled out the prizes at random. Some folks walked off with some pretty fancy schwag items like a pair of Smith Sunglasses, a Shred Ready shirt, hats and stickers. Not bad for our first time!

Thanks to everyone that made it! The next World Kayak Event will be next Thursday, May 13th. I will plan on the Elkhorn Creek if it is above 400 cfs. Same time, same place. In the event of no water, lets meet at Riptides on the River (currently Riptide’s in the River) for some knot tying, throw bag cornhole, and some spiffy flatwater games that are not lame.



Todds @ Church

Todds' @ Church