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Freestyle paddlers rule Wausau Whitewater this weekend!

PRESS RELEASEWhat: 6th Annual Midwest Freestyle Championships
Where: Wausau Whitewater Park – Center stage at Little Drop, right behind the Park Department
When: 10am – 5pm; Saturday, August 15 & Sunday, August 16
Best times to watch: 10:00 – 11:45am and 1:15 to 3:30pm – all events are based on competition numbers and will extend time with larger [...]

Have Post SPAM … we have solution

Post SPAM and comment SPAM sucks and can be really annoying to anyone with a blog.  SPAM like this is a fundimental issue for all blog platforms… The good news is, has a solution.  In your plug in section (top right menu) you will find a plug in called Akismet.  Activate it and put [...]

video test

WK State of the Union – 2008 in the books as a banner year, 2009 plans unfolding!

I’ll put on my English Lit hat for a moment:  As the Autumn colors flush the Ottawa River Valley, the water reaches that ‘cold’, that Fall cold we all know.  As the ironically red, yellow and blue (?) kayaks dot the river during our final warm-weather runs amongst the floating leaves… we put an exclaimation [...]

Great new video by Spencer done for new kayakers… gear

Spencer Cooke of has done us a great service once again.  Spencer is a long time buddy of Colin’s and when asked to help out with some education style vids, he was quick to respond… a full review / nutshell on gear… check it out
We’ll be putting a library of these videos up [...]

WK Hometown Throwdowns first BIG weekend… find a fun event near you… and come out to play!

World Kayak’s Hometown Throwdowns are aimed at bringing the FUN back into friendly competition.  Prizes for participation, not scores, friendly rivalry, learn new skills, points for front surfs!  Come join us.  Register here… … we have 63 events going up in 13 regions across N. America!

New blogging tools: themes and extensive photo gallery tools … Why use Blogger?

When considering your next project, trip or program launch, please consider!  With the introduction of our new templates, bloggers are now able to set up full web sites in the design of their choice.  WK will be uploading 10 new templates per week for you to choose from under the Presentation/Themes administration.  These themes [...]

Phase 2 Starts Today, November 6th!

Hey all,
World Kayak is very excited to announce that we are flicking the switch on a second phase of development for the blogspot as of this morning. This first site was a pretty quick and dirty beta launch, little marketing (1 day) and just a bit of maintenance. We have hired Luke Poland [...]

In transition…

The World Kayak Triumverate of web sites has been launched for just over two months ago.  We are already expanding rapidly in regards to both posting activity and traffic.  As some may know, this site and the two others (, /wiki) are the beginning of an initiative that hopes to increase our sport’s exposure and [...]

Bast@#d SPAMMERS hit WorldKayak blogs… but we’ve got a plan…

Yup.  We had hoped the automated SPAM bots would have found us a bit later, but they found us earlier.  We, as a result have apparent interest in Viagra, some political efforts and a certain family in Aruba in need of financing. 
We will be implementing changes to avoid these intrusions early next week.
In the meantime, [...]