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Kayak School Study – Calling all educators!

The Whitewater Kayak School is one of our primary front lines in the push to get new paddlers involved in our sport.  To date, the only statistics we have as a whole have been those driven by retail numbers.  World Kayak believes that these numbers are not the clearest of sources for growth figures in our industry and we are striving to collect annual statistics from our true front lines of growth, starting with the kayak school. > Click Here to Participate in Study This study is our first effort in collecting pure statistics.  We are not going to ask key business information and will never share any names as a result of this study.  What we will do is share our results in full, with analysis and our initial thoughts on these results.  We will be leaving all names and details out… details that are OPTIONAL for you to fill in.  The end result of this study should show us a bit of history in numbers and growth and will start the ball rolling in discussions regarding issues in our growth.  Every kayak school participating in this study will be welcomed to participate in setting up a blog of their own to continue discussions on any and all observations we post in regards to this and any other study World Kayak conducts.  the end result will be an industry-wide discussion on kayak schools, practice and how it effects growth.