How to Blog – video walkthrus!

 Welcome to the Worldkayak blogspot.  This site will allow you to not only post articles, journals and news, but to create a living blogspace for yourself. 

 Creating a new blog is simple: Register here ( with a blog name, a valid email address and password and off you go.  What this will do is create a blogspot for you and only you.  It will come with a ‘default blog’ and a place for you to log in and manage your blogs. 

Logging into your blogspot will bring you to a screen with multiple options on the main menu (top of your screen in light blue).  The following is a quick description of what does what for you:

You have full control over the layout of your blogspot.  You can load text, photos and video to your blog postings!  You can create your own pages (like secondary web pages), your own links and add more and more features to your site.  This is the MYSPACE of paddling.  More importantly, your blogs will automatically be attributed to your region.  The more who blog per region the better!  So invite your friends.

This is where you go to write your blog posts.  It provides you with the means to write in text, edit, spell check, stylize and add media (photos, video etc.) to your articles.  NOTE: if you add video to your article, be sure to check off the ‘video’ category to your right.  If you are posting about a region specifically, check it’s name off as well. 

The manage section allows you quick access to all your stuff… whether it be pages, posts or media items.  Go here to modify that which you have posted already.

Visitors to your blog can comment on any of your postings.  Before those comments are posted live, you have the opportunity to approve them.  You do so here.

This is where you can pot your links and pages.  Create your pages under the Write menu… these appear as regular HTML pages like you would see on a web site.  About us, contact me, company info etc. can all be set up as separate pages and linked to from your blog.

The Presentation section will allow you to choose from a growing number of themes and layout styles (two columns, three columns, left or right etc.).  Once you are happy with a theme, you can choose the widgits you want in your columns.  Widgits are cool features that you can throw up on your layout… photos, videos, links, RSS feed stuff etc.  Try them all out and see what they do… you can always take them off.

video walkthrus

The system we are using allows for plugins.  Plug ins typically add functionality and benefit to your blogspot.  Check them all out.  You may be interested in the plugins that allow for visitors to Digg or add your blogs to some of the social media spots on the web.  Check it out.

video walkthrus

YOu can invite other people to post blogs to your blogspot.  Simply give them a username and password and, along with a valid email address, they are signed up to post under your blogspot.

How to videos: