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This video has a great view of Mexico. It really lets you see how life is here in the Huasteca. Click on the links below an enjoy.

Winter Road Trip from Andrew Koch on Vimeo.
Hope you all enjoy it.

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  • We submitted an article, about one of our local runs, to a National Magazine here in Mexico. This is a picture of the cover.
    It is an exciting day for us. My brother Andrew is featured and I took the photo.

    We also will be appearing in a half hour adventure show on Univision. Univision is one of the largest spanish speaking television stations in the states. Here is a link to the promo of that program.

    Hope you all enjoy. I will be posting the entire Ruta Sin Limite article soon.


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  • Time to loop!

    It seems like the loop is the popular trick these days. Loops and some variation of them, will get you big points in rodeo. This is a variation of the loop:

    First you need a ten foot drop.

    You have to plug it….DEEP

    On the way back up, its gonna to feel strange. You have a ten foot waterfall, falling on your head.

    Throw it fast, and try to keep your head out of the water.

    Continue through the pool to the next 25 footer. Go to the take out and eat some gorditas.
    Welcome to kayakers paradise….with tacos.


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