Founded in January 2006, The Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club or CReW was established by a couple of community minded paddlers that realized the need for some exposure of our community and the sport of Whitewater paddling. From community clinics to youth programs, CReW is all about access through community involvement and awareness.
We are even trying to convince the city of Cornwall to let us build a small whitewater park. (A big uphill discussion but we are not ready to give up)
Supported by ASAG, the parent organization, CReW has been able to offer low cost and also free whitewater courses, and clinics to the children, youths and families (with a focus on those children and youths less fortunate than our own).
For our members we offer access to the a great fleet of Jackson boats, H2O paddles and other great gear as well as a summer of fun on the different rivers of Ontario, Quebec and Northern New York.

Share the passion and see you on the river!



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  • passed you guys on I81 between bristol and knoxville..I was in the red toyota truck..kackson stickers…where are you guys headed?

    good to see a boater…have fun and see you on the iver…


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