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Seaway Valley’s WK Hometown Thowdown #2: Christmas In July

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July, a funny month for freestyle in Valleyfield. :)

Every year we have some events that are high turnouts and others not so much. July is the funny month. Right in the middle of everyone’s planned vacations you just never know who is going ot be around.

This year we decided to round it out with the Quebec Camping traditions and mixed it up with Christmas in July event from the CEEVV in Valleyfield. Christmas decorations and music gave it a slightly surreal water event and it brought in a couple extra locals :)

Adam Chappell and Brandon Fasan, 2 of our Canadian Freestyle team members came out and joined our local Canadian Team Members (Zach Zwanenburg) to play with us and take advantage of Manic (the hole feature) to work on their skills and encourage new paddlers. The only request we had from them was a change in our ussual format and add a finals. So we did. :)

The comp started with the new freestyle and younger paddlers showing us that the could surf and control their boats on Mini Wave. We were really excited to have on of our Junior Women Slalom Team members with us. Kylie is an awesome young lady and just starting to play around with freestyle. She was joined by 3 of our favorite young CReW paddlers, Andrew, Zoe and Charles. THese 3 kids have really put it together now. In the last weeks their confidence has shot up and it showed with the dedication to getting themselves out onto the wave.

Junior results: First place went to Kylie followed by Andrew, the Zoe and Charles.

Thanks to our National Freestyle Team members and adult competitors for helping with Safety and ‘in eddy coaching” and encouragement. Could not do this without you guys :)

Next up we had intermediate to advanced comp. This was great. The Junior group worked with Sylvie and I as Scribes and Timers (Always awesome to see the kids helping out and learning at the same time)

2 heats of competition in hole where you can go big but set up and patience is key.

I guess having the team members show up lit a few fires under some of our local paddlers and we watched our locals work hard to dial it up a notch. It was awesome.
There were a few boaters that are new to the freestyle scene in Valleyfield and we were proud to see them come up, ride, beat down and hang in there. George, new to playboating hung in there and scored a few point.

Will, a young man visiting all the way from Ireland put on a good show. Sime, a local boy, worked out a couple spins.
Dany, wearing a santaclause hat and beard and  seems to have decided that he like competition (I think with more time and training he would rock) pulled up a fair score. Watch for him at our future events on the river.
Aime-Jean (Old timer from the vallefield club and just an awesome dude and instructor) and Louis-Phillipe (National Slalom Coach and yea, another great dude) battled it out between each other and had a lot of good smiles.
Brandon Adam and Zach worked out their business and gave tips to the others along the way.

As requested by our National Team Members, we scored this using ICF rules and a finals. The results at the top had we not done so would have been slightly different for Adam and Zach. A lot can change with finals.


Zachary Zwanenburg: 599
Adam Chappell: 395
Louis-Phillipe: 184
Aime-Jean Lavigne: 161
Brandon Fasan: 133
Dany Trottier: 60
Simon: 17
Will: 9
George Abou-Aime: 6

the spectators had a good show and we had a lot of fun.Everyone who participated walked away with great memories of Christmas in July,  a good work out, in some cases new friends and even a cool prize from our sponsors

Thanks to all our WK sponsors for helping make this possible. Chaco, GoPro, Jackson Kayak, Mountain Khakis, Immersion Research, Shred Ready, Smith Optics, Kokatat, Astral, Stonyboater  and Local Sponsor: KiwiDezignz.




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