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Road Trip ( Emily’s point of view)

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                             Road Trip!!!                                  .

We left Monday morning to go to Minden to train for the Canadian Freestyle Team Trials. As usual, it took us like three hours to pack (I might be exaggerating a little but probably not by much) but once we were finally done and on the road it went well. It was a long boring drive but I had all our pillows next to me so I pilled them up and fell asleep for like, an hour. When we got here the water was off so we set up camp then followed Cheryl and Sydney (the only other junior girl so far) to the river to see what it looked like at low water (there is absolutely nothing there unless you like scraping rocks with your boat, then you’d love it!). Tuesday morning, I was up at six and I just sat by the river for an hour. When I came back up my mom was just getting up so we had a very complicated breakfast ’cause I didn’t know what to eat. Once everyone was ready we did like, the weirdest warm up ever. When that was over we got geared up as fast as we could and went to paddle. It was awesome! I can semi on purpose cartwheel and I have my spin down. During the afternoon training did NOT go well. One, there was a huge line up. Two, I was tired and kept getting trashed. Three, I kept missing the eddy and had to walk back up all the time. So I have decided to train in the morning because I paddle better then.

Wednesday morning, Billy Harris made me try to loop and I got it!!!! And a few rides after I got it again!!! So that was the best day yet since I looped TWICE!!!!!!!!!! In the afternoon we did a workout with Frankie, which was fun (mostly because Frankie laughed at Zach the hole time).

This morning I ate breakfast really fast and went running for maybe twenty minutes even though I hate running. Then we spent the next two hours watching people paddle. By eleven, we got in at the top to do our flat-water warm up, and then we ran the river to Earls. My training went really badly. For one, there was a big line up. And then I kept getting window-shaded. I’ve still got to do my workout later.

Tomorrow the competition starts. There is Prelims for the Junior Girls but since it’s just me and Sydney, it’s pretty much just more training except we have the entire eddy to ourselves (which is amazing). Then Saturday, we have finals. Wish us luck…


See ya on the water!



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