Monday, June 18th, 2012...8:59 pm

2012 World kayak events series starts in Valleyfield

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Robert is working crazy hours and doesn’t really have time for anything but work so I am taking over the blog writing about the event if we want something posted :) I am not as good as he is for lengthy blogs but at least we’ll all know what is going on in the Seaway Valley!

On June 2, CReW held the first World Kayak event of the season with a down river race.

We had 14 participants from 11 to 53 and of all skill levels.

We started the more advanced paddlers from the pipes at the top of the river 2 by 2. We had a total of 6 so we then took the 3 winners and started them at the top of the river for the final run.

For all the other paddlers, we made 2 groups and started them off a bit lower but they still had a very challenging race to do with a few tricky eddies to catch before making it to the bottom.

All in all, a great morning on the river! A lot of the participants were slalom paddlers coming from Ottawa about 2 hours away, it was great to have them participate in the race.


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