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Paddling, Travelling and what is going on :)

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Since August 16th I have been on an amazing western Canada road trip with Sylvie and the kids.

We spent the first week at the Kananaskis River for the Canadian Team Trials. The event was a blast and we saw some incredible paddling from a lot of people :)
Here is a link to the brief article on the competition:
had originally set up to do a live stream of the event but the internet gods quickly put an end to that. I have compiled 30 + hours of video of the event and am going through a huge learning curve to sort them and put a short film together for the team and the participants. It is coming but might take me a bit of time.
During the event something really made me take notice: Parents and family that support the kids who compete.  Ian and Lynn Jobe are active in the Alberta and Canadian Whitewater Scene and their sons are followedd in freestyle and slalom competitions. Jessica was accompanied by her Grandfather. Sara-Jane had her parents out to cheer her on. Kalob and Keegan also had the support of their parents. It is so important for kids to get this kind of support and I am as proud of the parents as I am of the kids that compete. :)
After saying goodbye to our old and new friends at the Kananaskis we started exploring. 
1st Stop: A climb to the top of Mount Rae! 10,000 FT ASL. What a view.
2nd Stop: Glacier National Park in Montana.  The kids saw their first Grizzly bear and we were awestruck by the national park.
3rd stop: Frank, Alberta and my cousin Jansje and family (Grant, Roeline and Danielle). 3 days of restful and quality time with family, that  cannot be beat!
4th stop: everywhere we could go in BC :) There is nothing more we can say. We explored rivers including Toby Creek and Horsethief, (unfortunately most were low) and Zach and I ran the Kicking Horse.  We enjoyed the hot springs in Radium. Hiked and climbed to the foot of Illecillewaet Glacier… OMG this is soo beautful. Zach and Sylvie ran a mountain bike trail in Golden BC. More glacier explorations and hikes. Zach and I paddled on the Athabasca River. And now I am sitting at the Pines Motel in Hinton Alberta. (The rain made us take a motel and yep.. it is nice to have a bed and heat for the first time in a while. Last night it snowed on our camp which was spitting distance from the Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefield)

What is next for us: I need to be in Edmonton on Tuesday morning for a few days of work, then we will start the trek home. We are planning a stop in Manitoba for a surf session at Sturgeon. Then a day in Thunder bay to visit old friends, maybe a surf on the Norht Shore of Superior if the winds are kind (that means a 20 knot wind would be good ). Then on to Ottawa and then home. We should be done and I will be back in my office on the 16th. Every good thing has to come to an end… But wait!

On September 18th CReW and World Kayak will host the last 2010 Seaway Valley Hometown Throwdown!  Read below:

Calling all Paddlers: On Saturday September 18th CReW and World Kayak invite you to join us for our last Hometown Throwdown for 2010. You can register on-line at
You can also register on site from 12:00 to 12:45.
Competition starts at 1:00
The features are always running so you can play and train on Friday evening or Saturday Morning. :) Everyone is welcome. We have something for all paddling skills. If you can smile and roll you are good to go! It is all for the fun (though we do keep score) and we have prizes for participation. Please contact me with any questions you might have.come out and paddle with us:) Hope to see you there
We have had an awesome season in the Seaway Valley.
Come out and beat your previous scores or compete for the first time and have fun.

After the event we will be preparing our last survivor, more grant writting for our youth program, planning for our winter pool program and we’ll just see what else we do when we get home.In the mean time I do appologize to all the people who have emailed and not heard from us. Our access was limited and now we are in good coverage for a whie so we will do our best to catch up:)


FYI: September 18th is also the birthday of My lovely wife Sylvie. If you make it out to our Thorwdown please give her a hug :)

See you on the river soon,
Robert Zwanenburg



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