CReW Youth Challenge Kayak Program

Throughout the summer from June until September, CReW, ASAG and The Cornwall Youth Center will get together every Monday and Wednesday evening to teach kids from from the Youth Center to kayak.
During the program the kids will be challenged to try new adventures, learn about the regions waterways and environment, learn about water safety, and have a whole of fun!
Kayaking will be their stepping stone to improved physical Health and Self Confidence as well as give them a look into what can be, if they just step up, reach out and take it.

CReW will post updates (after each event) on the kids progress and the progress of the program on our  Youth Challenge Kayak Program Blog. Check it out a

I hope you will join us on the water and on our blog to enjoy the experience as much as we do!

See you on the river,



  • hey, thanks for everything you have done for us this summer and then summer befor we all really appreaciate what you have done for us and hop eyou keep it up so other youth can have a great learning experience and a great over all experience. you’ve all become appart of our family and hope to stay that way for ever


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